Saturday, August 31, 2013

Miss Sultry: Fall Lips in Full Effect: MAC's Hang up and MAC Night moth Lipliner

   Summer days are dwindling and fall is making its return very quickly. With that said my love of all things beauty has been sparked again and I find myself looking at makeup hauls on YouTube, glancing around in Sephora, and shopping in Mac's new collections. I have also been dusting off some makeup in my stash.
My new fascination right in time for fall is vamp everything! Vampy lips, nails, and eyes.
I would say I am familiar with most Mac lipsticks as per the junkie in me, but I was window shopping and bumped into Mac's "Hang up" lipstick (I have never noticed it prior).
Mac's Hang Up
     Hang up is described as a deep red berry with a cream-sheen finish. Due to the finish of the lipstick it has a glossy appearance on the lips and is very comfortable to wear for extended periods. I tend to lean towards matte lipsticks but fell in love with how this shade looked against my skin tone and knew it is the berry I have been looking for. Depending on the liner used this lipstick can appear lighter then it looks in the tube so I decided to get a darker lip liner to get the look I envisioned. Hang up lasts for up to six hours through out the day and stains the lips. Hang up retails for $18 CAD and is in the permanent range so can be purchased anytime. 
Mac's Nightmoth Lip liner
Along side Hang up I purchased lip liner Nightmoth. Now I won't lie although I do have a few Mac liners I try to avoid purchasing them because of there price. However the quality and pigmentation is always what sucks me right back in to making a purchase. I have tried many different liners from different companies (lower price range to higher) and end up gritting my teeth and purchasing from Mac and so far they never fail me. 
Nightmoth is a deep dark burgundy that almost looks black upon application but has deep red undertones. It darkens any lipstick applied and defines the lips very well. Due to the pigmentation of my lips it adds a lot of depth to any look and really adds edge. This liner aids in the wear of lipstick and and prolongs it as well! I also love how it defines the lips and creates a beautiful ombre effect with lighter shades of lipsticks. Nightmoth retails for $18.00 CAD and can be purchased at any Mac counter. 
Mac's Nightmoth Lip liner

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