Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair Talk: Deep Conditioning with coconut oil/Castor Oil

Very frequently I am asked about my hair care regiment and I literally stutter and try to provide a decent response. I will be honest I am a big time slacker. I abuse my hair on levels that do not even make sense some months, and then other times I treat it like a newborn baby. I am trying my best to stick to a little action plan and solid regiment to really get some growth and thickness back. My hairdresser scolded me in my last visit and told me I must do better. When I decided to go natural I was so diligent, my hair became a part time job. Deep condition every week religiously, trims every three months, vegan products and the whole nine yards! Now? If I deep condition every few months I'm excited. The hairdresser became a distant friend and my products dried up. I don't know what happened to my zest? Well may be because I attained the length I really liked and then the "Chaka Khan" hair i dreamed of suddenly took so much time to detangle, dry, and style. I am back on my A game though.

I will be flat ironing my hair for spring to prevent breakage. It is always an internal battle I have being natural and keeping my hair straight all the time. Dodging rain drops, sweat and all the jazz and work that goes along with straight hair was something I thought I retired from. However the dreadlocks and tender-head is wearing my patience thin so I am doing what I must for now. So tonight I am preparing to visit my hairdresser and get back on her team. I am going back to my old life. Deep conditioning with coconut oil (organic fair-trade Dr Bronners to be exact) and Jamaican castor oil. I coat my ends and hair shaft with the oils, pull my hair up, get my trustee plastic bag (wal-mart in this case) and wrap my head with a towel and shower cap and go to bed. I know in the past this made a huge difference in retaining my length, keeping my ends healthy, and helped with growth. This will only work if you are consistent with it though, so don't think you can do a one time fix and see something happen because that will be a fail. Tomorrow I will bring my shampoo and conditioner of preference for my appointment.  I will share my recipe for deep conditioning methods I do with my favourite conditioners and added oils and products very soon.
Do you have any questions about my deep conditioning? Do you use a different method that works for you? Are there any other oils that you recommend readers to try out? Please comment down below!

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