Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ohhh Girl that Glow: Illamasqua Cream Blusher Libido Review

Illamasqua's Libido Cream Blusher
   Illamasqua is quickly becoming my favourite brand next to my beloved Mac cosmetics.
No surprise of course because they are edgy, avant guard, and have vibrant, pigmented cosmetics.
   I was overjoyed when Illamasqua opened a counter in Toronto inside our department store They Bay! Not only was the counter so pretty and stylish but had very nice MUA's working that where ultra helpful.
    I decided to check it out and look at some products I have had on my wish list for months.
I am big on glowing and being bronzed and now that we are right in fall I am trying to go more low key; a little less bronze, a little more glow. 
I am huge fan of DestinyGodly on YouTube and she has been raving about Illamasqua's Libido for so long and I love how it looks on her.
I got to sample this blush with a MUA (makeup artist) and purchase Libido and fell in love. I have been wearing this for the last few days and love how it wears and looks!

Swatch of Libido Cream Blusher
Thoughts on Libido:
  • Libido appears to be a bright red but goes on the skin as a beautiful deep orange
  • Libido is a cream blusher that is best applied on the cheeks with fingertips to blend into the skin or with a stippling brush for light application
  • On the packaging Illamasqua says this blusher can be applied not only to the cheeks but as a highlighter on the cheekbones, however I have only used it as a blush 
  • Libido provides a light colour on the cheeks but is build-able for a deeper colour easily
  • Very little product is needed and the colour provides a beautiful natural warmth to the face
  • The texture of the blush is very smooth and creamy and lightweight on the face
  • This is a great blush to start off with if you are new to blushes 
  • Cream blusher can double as a lip tint/lip colour as well
  • The packaging is sleek and light and contains 4g of product
  • This blush does leave a dewy finish on the skin so oily girls may want to skip this product or be sure to have the rest of the face matte
  • This blush wears beautiful with a nude/dark/colourful lip when applied lightly 
  • The wear on the blush is phenomenal wearing between 7-8 hours without fading
  • Libido is absolutely stunning on tanned to dark skin complexions but lighter ladies can easily pull it off with light application
  • This blush can be purchased at Sephora, The Bay (Canada check locations), and Illamasqua's website
  • Libido retails for $26 CAD
Take a look at my video! I swatch and discuss Libido Cream Blusher here! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Talking that Talk Beautifully: Talk that Talk Lipstick RiRi Fall 2013 Collection Review

I usually am not a sucker for collections from Mac especially since they release one every time you blink and eye, however I am a huge fan of Rihanna's style and music so decided to check this collection out (yes, yes groupie love lol).
This collection is called RiRi Hearts and includes four lipsticks, two eyeshadow quads, some lip liners, bronzers, blushes, eyeliners, and mascaras.
I am a huge blush girl and am currently in the market for some neutral eye shadows however I was a little disappointed in the collection because the colours looked more summery and the tones where not dark skin girl friendly to me. (crying inside)
There is so much hype over the collection but I decided that I was only interested in purchasing two lipsticks: RiRi Woo and Talk that Talk. I ended up skipping RiRi Woo because it looked way too similar to Ruby Woo to me. I ended up purchasing Talk that Talk lipstick.

My thoughts on Talk that Talk:

  • Talk that Talk is a deep dark rich plum with a retro matte finish (Mac's new Matte formula)
  • Gives an opaque finish on the lips and has great pigmentation and colour payoff
  • Formula is very dry on the lips so be sure to exfoliate and moisturize your lips well with a balm/ lip primer
  • Lipstick is slightly patchy so you may need to use a lip brush for even application 
  • Lipstick stains lips so lasts for hours even through eating and drinking
  • The lipstick comes in a beautiful rose gold box with Rihanna's signature and the packaging of the lipstick is beautiful with the same matching rose gold bullet
  • Talk that Talk is paired well with dark liners like Vino,  or Nightmoth 
  • Lipstick can be purchased at any free standing Mac store as of Sept 26th, online on Mac's website Sept 30th and all department stores Oct 3rd (there was a little confusion surrounding this)
  • Lipstick retails for $20 CAD (little more then lippies that are $18 CAD in regular package)
  • All in all I am in love with the lipstick and it is making a perfect debut in my fall lipstick collection 
  • I believe this is the most exciting lipstick in the entire collection
  • This lipstick shade is best suited for tan and dark skinned ladies
  • If you own Mac's Media, or OCC Black Dahlia lipstick they are very similar to each other (Black Dahlia is a bit more glossy and less matte/ as well as darker) 
Pictured Wearing Talk that Talk (Light clear lipgloss added)
Take a look at my video! I do swatches of the lipstick and mention it in my go to products!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bold and Brazen: Review of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo

So I gave into the hype and decided to try some Anastasia eyebrow products. Anastasia is renowned for perfecting eyebrows everywhere and sells eyebrow products to help makeup lovers everywhere achieve perfectly shaped brows.
I have been trying to get the perfect shape for my eyebrows for the last few months but have had no success. I decided to close my eyes to the $30 CAD price tag and cross my fingers and buy it from Sephora. I purchased the shade Ebony which is one of the darkest colours in her range.

My Thoughts on Anastasia's Brow Powder Duo:

  • Anastasia's eyebrow duos come in 7 different shades, I purchased Ebony which is a deep neutral brown
  • The brow duo comes with two different shades that allows for brows to look soft and natural (lighter colour is for the beginning of the brow, darker colour for the rest of brow)
  • Comes in a small black case with Anastasia's signature and a small mirror handy for eyebrow application on the go
  • Powder is silky smooth and as promised is smudge proof and stays on the brow all day
  • The lighter colour is great to apply to front end of brow to prevent a overdone and fake looking brow
  • The darker colour is great for filling in gaps in my eyebrows and providing a natural look as well
  • There are many colours to choose from and the Anastasia website gives suggestion based on hair colour
  • This brow duo can be purchased at Sephora as well as Anastasia's website
  • Brow duo is a little on the pricey end $30 CAD but worth it because very little product needed (will last a year or so)
  • Best way to apply the powder with an angle brush and brush spooly through to spread out product

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Flat Out Fabulous Literally: Mac Retro Matte Lipstick Review

Mac's Flat Out Fabulous 
Mac cosmetics has released a new retro matte lipstick collection this week and I was very excited to check them out.
Mac has introduced seven new lipsticks and lip liners in various shades and claim some will be permanent to the collection (It is still unclear which ones those are).
The new retro matte formula is suppose to be less drying then the regular matte formula Mac has and wear much more comfortably on the lips.
I had a look at the collection (this past Thursday) and only happened to be interested in one lipstick. I already have Ruby Woo and the other colours seemed similar to other lipsticks I currently have in my collection.
The lipstick I purchased from the collection is: Flat Out Fabulous.
Mac's Flat Out Fabulous Swatch 

My Thoughts on Flat Out Fabulous:

  • This shade is a matte bright plum shade.
  • It appears more darker in the tube but applies lighter on the lips
  • The colour is very rich and applies opaque
  • The texture of the lipstick is very dry
  • The retro matte formulation is more moisturizing then Mac's regular matte line
  • The lipstick wears/looks beautifully on dark toned lips
  • Also pairs beautifully with Vino, Nightmoth, and Currant lip liners.
  • You must exfoliate heavily before wearing this lipstick because it shows all fine lines on the lips
  • You must also moisturize your lips very well before wearing this lipstick
  • The lipstick does get drier on your lips progressively through the day
  • You may want to pair with a lip gloss for additional moisture
  • This lipstick can be purchased online on Mac's website or in store
  • Flat out Fabulous retails for $18 CAD
  • This shade will suit both light skin tones as well as dark skin tones very well 
Wearing Flat Out Fabulous with Vino lipliner 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Face Perfection: Review for Makeup Forever Full Coverage Concealer

Using concealer is starting to become the key component in my makeup regime.
Although I have a few concealers in my stash I consider my "go to's" I am forever on the search for perfection.
My requirements might seem crazy but I just want a concealer that looks totally natural, covers up any flaws or darkness and lasts all day long, while looking like I have nothing on! Is that too much to ask?
I decided to bite the bullet and pick up Makeup Forevers Full coverage water proof concealer which costs a staggering $37 CAD.
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer #18 Chocolate 
 The Review:

  • The packaging is a plastic tube that contains 15ml of product
  • MUFE included a tube that allows you to squeeze out product (brilliant because helps contain germs)
  • The product is FULL COVERAGE to the max! If you have dark marks or dark circles on your face or imperfections that must be completely covered this is the product for you.
  • The concealer dries very fast (I mean fast!!!) you must blend right away. 
  • Works great under eyes. I had no creasing on the hot day I wore it out, however I did set it with Mac's Prep and Prime as well. 
  • The waterproof feature I really enjoy because this sucker stays put
  • MUFE has 12 shades to choose from and I got the shade #18 Chocolate and there is a shade darker then that posted on MUFE's website
  • MUFE can be purchased in Sephora and freestanding Makeup Forever shops and MUFE website
  • This concealer is $37 CAD (Yikes)
Will I Repurchase? 

Overall this is a good concealer, it works well but is probably suited for a person that has dark marks on the face, and dark under eye circles then myself. 
I personally find it a little too heavy for my daily use but would recommend it if that is the coverage you are seeking. 
I think the price is outrageous for what it is but I do imagine this product would last for a very long time considering the amount of product you will use (very little needed). 
I doubt I will be re- purchasing this product again because the concealers I already have in my stash work for me better then this product. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall is around the corner...time to get Vampy Folks: Fall Lipstick Musts

Left to Right: La Femme Hollywood blush in Bordeaux, Revlon Violet Frenzy,Mac Hang up, Rimmel #4,  Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, Mac Nightmoth Lip pencil, Nars Seduction Blush
Hello folks I am glad to finally be back to blogging. I have got my writing juices flowing and back to talk beauty in full effect again. I generally don't wear much makeup in the summer as per Canadian humidity and heat frustrating me in the summer. I tend to be a lipstick, mascara, lipgloss girl in the summer months, so most beauty seizes!
Now that my excuses for a long blog hiatus is out of the way I will begin to mention that fall is my favourite season for makeup, beauty, and fashion.
Now that labour day has passed the light bronzy, golden, nudes will be thrown away and bold, rich, and vampy is going to get the spotlight.
I have flipped through fashion  magazines that have been given the scoop on fall makeup trends for 2013 and to be honest the trends usually don't stray too far from the year before and I believe can be tweaked to your comfort level.
Top: Mac Nightmoth lip pencil. Bottom Row: Revlon Violet Frenzy,Mac Hang up, Rimmel #4,  Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
Lipstick colours that will be on trend are:

  1. Classic Reds: Classic reds that bring to mind old Hollywood glamour and sex appeal really have never gone out of style for me all year but I know my red lipsticks put in overtime during the fall because they just ooze vamp and boldness and come in so many spectrum's. Now darker ladies don't be scared (scurred) every woman to the lightest of light to darkest of dark has a red lipstick out there made for them but darker woman tend to look best in blue based reds. Also liner is key weather it be a brown lip liner (ex MACs chestnut) or a slightly darker red liner (Sephora's Sangria). The trend this year is to have a dark and sultry red that shouts vamp from the mountains. Easiest way to achieve that again is with the liner paired with it, so save your money ladies and hunt for some chic liners to achieve this look. 
  2. Deep Purples/Plums: Rich, deep, sultry berry and purple lips are also on trend for fall. These shade ranges are the ones I find that compliment any woman of any colour as long as she has the confidence to pull it off. Prepping the lips with exfoliator and lip balm are a must because these darker colours leave no wiggle room for chapped lips as the cooler weather comes for a long visit. Plums, purples, violets, berries, cranberry, and raspberry shades will be hitting a high note all fall and even winter, so arm yourself with a few beautiful colours and a good lipliner to make it last throughout your work/school day.  
  3. Deep Oranges: Deep, bold, vibrant oranges are also on trend and mimic the colours of fall and the changes of season on the lips. Fall ignores the light washes of oranges that tends to be worn in the summer and ops for oranges that are flashy and chic. For some, myself included orange is a hard one to pull off, but in truth lipstick can be worn no matter what you look like, it just must be paired with a good lipliner that compliments your lip and skin tone. 
  4. Dark Brown/ Black/ Dark Purples: I will admit I do't usually go this route because I haven't been totally daring enough to try the 90s style brown lips and the black/ dark purple lips but I admire woman who do it and I love how it looks. There are all lines from Revlon, to Mac that have black/dark purple lipsticks. Just make sure to exfoliate your lips well 
Other trends to keep an eye out for:
  1. Rich coloured blushes: Berries, Wine, Burgundy, Browns, Orange
  2. Matte faces 
  3. Groomed strong brows
  4. Jewel and metallic eyes
  5. Deep shades of nail polish 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

To Splurge Or to Save? Drug Store Cosmetics vs High End Cosmetics

 As a makeup connoisseur (make up hoarder) I am constantly on the hunt for a new cosmetic that will enhance my skin, to add to my collection, as well as to put that tingle in my toes. Lets face it make up is very expensive, especially when you feel you need doubles and triples of various products (As I do).
I do however like to save my money when I get a chance and I feel there are many companies both lower end and high end that are comparable.
   In truth the drug store has stepped up HEAVY on the quality, shade range, and availability of makeup at very reasonable prices.
   I have a mixture of both Drug store makeup (Revlon, Maybelline etc), mid ranged makeup (MAC, Urban Decay, etc) High End (Dior,YSL, etc) and I can honestly say there are some misses and hits in all spectrum's of brands and there are still products within each range that I can not see myself shelling out the extra dough for.
   I have complied a list of cosmetics I feel you can save on as well as products that might be better to splurge on. (This of course is based on my personal opinion and use of products)
   You do get what you pay for in a lot of instances but there are budget friendly brands that offer great products for less and some products that you may have to cringe and squeeze out some extra coin for best results.

Products to Save on:

  • Mascara- Mascara expires the quickest of any cosmetic (2-4 months yikes) so to shell out 25+ on a high end brand I just can't bear. I have personally had the best experiences with drug stores brands such as Cover Girl, L'oreal, and Maybelline that I never plan to shell out wads of cash again on this product. 

  • Nail Polish: Nail polish has a short shelf life (12 months- mine go LONGER lol) so for me its hard to shell out the 20+ for a Nars or Dior nail polish. The fact is I usually use it a few times and then I am bored and onto the next colour pretty quickly. Drug store brands keep on trend with colours and change their collections faster then you can blink! Brands I personally love are Sally Hansen, OPI, Essie and Revlon. 

  • Lip gloss: I remember the days of cheap lip glosses leaving that ugly white film, being way to tacky and sticky, and not delivering the gloss and shine I was looking for. Not anymore drug stores have stepped up their game and quality and there are lip glosses that are equally as comparable to their higher end counterparts of surpass them to me. Brands such as Revlon, Victoria Secret, and NYX have great consistency, lasting power, and colour ranges and can really save your some dollars. 

  • Lip Stick: I know I am going to come across as a little hypocrite because I personally do own a lot of higher end lipsticks. However I will say lipsticks are the one cosmetic that is often imitated, and duplicated very well by many drug stores in terms of colours, consistency, and quality. Brands such as Wet & Wild, Revlon, and Rimmel make some outstanding lipsticks and they cost 1/4 the price of many brands on the market.  There are so many dupes of higher end colours and the options are endless. Although I love my higher end lipsticks I feel this is a area that can be saved on if you are budget conscious. 

  • Make up Remover/ Make up Wipes: I used to shell out money for MAC makeup wipes (they work great no lie) but for me to dump 20+ on some wipes that are going into the trash became silly to me and I started looking at drug store options. Brands such as Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, and Nivea have some great makeup remover wipes as well as gels that do the job just the same. I also have used baby wipes when I am pressed and I must admit they work quite well. Make sure if you go this route to get the sensitive wipes. 

  • Lip Liners: Lip liners are another great product to save on. Between sharpening them down to the ground, and the many different colour options that can be purchased inexpensively, as well as the quality, lip liners can be purchased right at the drug store to save you 20+ dollars and allow you to even purchase an additional lipstick with the savings. Brands with great lip liners are NYX, Rimmel, LA Girl and Jordana. 

Products to Shell out extra Coin on:

  • Eyeliners:  Whether it be liquid liner, pencil liner, or gel liner I personally belief you may want to shell out a few more coins! To get eyeliners that last all day, don't smudge on the waterline, or crack and feather on the eye you are going to need to get brands that have lasting power. Also because these products are sitting on your precious eyes I would get a decent brand with decent ingredients. Brands to consider are MAC, Stila, Tarte, etc. There is nothing worse then perfect makeup and raccoon eyes. 

  • Eyes Shadow: Eye shadow is another cosmetic I believe you should go mid range on. I personally find some of the mid ranged brands such as Urban Decay, MAC, and Kat Von D have shadows that are smooth, easy to blend, and are so pigmented. Although some drug store brands have good ones I personally have found that nothing tops the longevity I get out of mid range brand and consistency. 

  • Blush: Blush really has to suit your skin tone, and blend seamlessly into your skin to prevent looking like a clown. Drug store blushes tend to be more limited in the ranges and tones, so I tend to spend the extra coin for  a decent blush that will enhance my face and help me look radiant. Brands to consider are: MAC, Makeup Forever, and Sephora. 

  • Bronzer/Illuminators: There is nothing worst then a bronzer with chunky glitter, or an illuminator that doesn't blend seamlessly into the skin to provide a glow (a fake glow) from within. Mid range bronzers and Illuminators generally come in a wider variety in terms of colour and suit a wider range of skin tone's minus the look of a glittery mess. Mid range brands tend to have bronzers that are finely milled also. Brands to consider are: Bare Minerals, The Balm, and Smashbox. 

  • Powder/ Setting Powder: If you are a foundation, BB cream, or tinted moisturizer wearer powder is what you need to lock and set you look so that it doesn't slip and slide off your face throughout the day. I think investing in a powder that doesn't make you appear cakey, suits your skin tone/colour and looks natural is essential. Due to the lack of shade ranges that still are apparent within drug store brands I would say better to invest a little more in a mid range product to ensure you get a product that suits you. Also setting powder is a crucial step when applying concealer. If you don't want your bags to be popping finding a setting powder that doesn't make you look like you got hit with powder. Brands to consider: Cover FX, Tarte, and NARS.

  • Eye Shadow Primer: If you live in a hot climate, have oil eye lids, or are going to be attending a special occasion/ event and need your eyeshadow to stay on your face versus your under eye, investing in a eye shadow primer that is decent will really save you a lot of headache. I personally recommend trying Urban Decay, NARS, Two Faced, as well as MAC (paint pots, or paints). They may seem like overkill on the wallet but you only need  small amount and this product lasts for a very long time. 

Products to Splurge on

  • Foundation: Foundation is the top cosmetic I feel should be splurged on period. I would say to aim for the highest end that you can afford. Now I know some will disagree depending on what shade but the truth is higher end brands tend to have many different shade ranges, undertone offerings, and quality that many drug stores simply have not matched. Foundation is the one cosmetic that is crucial to get as close to your actual skin as possible. Most people use foundation to even out skin tone, cover blemishes, and enhance the face. The wrong colour, wrong type ( IE: matte for dry skin, dewy for oily skin, etc) can really make or break how your overall face looks and your overall happiness with your makeup.  With that said depending on your colour (very pale, very dark, and everything else in between) it is crucial to find something that is going to work well for your personal needs. There are so many brands that can be listed here as options to look into but I will name a few I have always heard as hits and brands that I personally love. Brands include: Makeup forever, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Dior, Lancome, YSL, Tarte, Fashion Fair, Cover FX, Estee Lauder, etc. 

  • Concealer: Concealer is another product you should save up some coin for and get the best you can afford. Similar to foundation having a concealer that matches your undertones and skin tone is crucial in making concealer mask dark under eyes, dark spots, and well as using it for highlight and contour. Brands that last through sweat, heat, and different skin issues can make or break your happiness with a concealer. Brands to consider: Kevyn Aucoin, Nars, Bobbi Brown, Josie Maran, Makeup Forever, etc.

  • Primer: Primer can lengthen the wear of your makeup as well as help for smooth application of foundation on the face. Since it is the base in prep to makeup application and creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup I believe this is a product that needs to be high quality and contain beneficial ingredients. Brands to consider: Tarte, Hourglass, Smashbox, Korres, etc.

Now remember these are only my personal opinions and guidelines but I say it is best to invest in the makeup you wear the most, the issues that are crucial for you to disguise, as well as stick to your personal needs. 

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