Sunday, June 9, 2013

Gold Digger: MAC Strobe Cream Golden Elixer

My obsession with being bronzed and glowy is still in full effect and I was excited when I heard that Mac was releasing a new strobe cream that has a golden shimmer to it in there Temperature Rising summer collection. 
Mac does have a permanent strobe cream that is available but it has a pink/pearl shimmer to it that tends to look ashy on tanned or darker skin, and also has a thick lotion like consistency that makes it a little harder to blend. This new strobe elixir has a thinner watery consistency and is more suitable for people that have tanned or darker skin tones because it plays up on the golden attributes of the skin. This elixir may appear a little scary looking at it in the bottle but when applied to the skin it is easily blend-able and  leaves skin with a natural radiance that makes skin look like it has been sun kissed. 
The formula for this strobe cream is light weigh on the skin and a golden- brown warm natural shimmer on the skin. 
I purchased this product at the MAC store and was lucky I got it all together because they have been selling out like hotcakes. The price is bit steep at $40 CAD but contains 40 ml of product so that will last for a very long time since you only need one or two pumps maximum. This product is a great product that can be used in several different ways. 
I participated in the Temperature rising application in store and the artist placed it on my skin and it looked great and lasted for the evening.
It can be mixed into moisturizer, foundation, or can be dabbed directly on the cheekbones. 
When mixed into foundation it is important to powder your t-zone if you have combination or oily skin because it can look greasy potentially.
I like that this bottle has a pump that locks for easy application and allows for mess free application. 
If your interested in this product I say act fast because they are limited edition. This strobe lotion can be purchased at all MAC counters and on MAC's website. 

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