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No Heat Styling: Tips and Tricks -Flexi Rods

   The health of my hair is something I have been working on for the last few years since I have gone natural (stopped chemically straightening my hair). When I had perms I used to use a curling iron and flat iron nearly every single day. I will be truthful I never noticed any issues with it because I used to cut my hair a lot and get trims so regularly that my ends where never and issue. What I will say is most people don't cut their hair a lot, most people will see damage, most people will get split ends, and growth will not be maintained. 
Flexi Rods
   Now because I wear my hair curly for the most part I really don't use styling tools ever anymore. In fact I purchased a expensive hair drier, I own a hooded drier, flat irons and curling irons that are collecting dust. 
   Now that the weather is mild and the humidity is at a all time low I am wearing my hair straight to avoid tangles and dreadlocks from forming (no joke) To maintain the work my hairdresser did in my $40 visit I had to get creative with the way I prep my hair. Low heat has in fact aided with my growth significantly. That is a huge part of a hair journey is limiting the heat you apply to the ends of your hair and changing some of your bad habits you have.
    I went to my beauty supply store and picked up flexi Rods. I was very anxious because I purchased some from Sally's before and they kept slipping out of my hair. I now realized that I was not putting them in my hair properly and that was the main issue. My second run with them and some youtube on the side was very successful and they are now a staple.            
   They leave such pretty, bouncy curls in my hair and are very low manipulation and of course absolutely no heat! They are also extremely cheap, I believe the pack I purchased was only $4.99 CAD. I see so many on eBay selling for about the same price in different sizes. I think the next time I go to the store I am going to get smaller ones for a drop curl effect. Every few days as I see my hair getting dull I apply my argan oil to my ends, apply the rods, put on my silk bonnet and call it a day. The next day I wake up like I just came from the hairdresser. 

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Wearing Red Lipstick: Tips and Tricks

   Alright so I posted some of my favourite red lipsticks that I really enjoy and think would suit woman of all shades universally (  I received a lot of questions in terms of application, toning down lipsticks, tricks to make lipsticks suit skin tones as well as prep for red lipsticks. I have many tricks up my sleeve I find work successfully. (The goal is to avoid looking like a hot mess clown on the road ladies) With that said I will go over some of what I have learned. 

  • First and foremost please (if you follow anything I mention please let this be it) always exfoliate your lips! That I would say as a lipstick junkie is the biggest rule of them all. There is nothing worse then seeing chapped, crusty, uneven lips attempt to put on a lip color, especially a bright lip color on top. (
  • Now that we have outlined the most important step next would be to get a very moisturizing lip-balm that really will help with any problems of chapped lips. Carmex, cocoa butter, Fresh sugar, vaseline any of those do the job and really aid with a smooth application of the lipstick. I suggest applying after exfoliating but before placing lipstick on blot some of the balm off with a tissue so that the lipstick doesn't slide off your lips.  
  • Another big tip is the lipliner you are using. Lipliner can tone down a lip color or provide a seamless blend from your lip color  and the lipstick color and can really help a lipstick appear much nicer on the lips. Dark brown, burgundy, eggplant, or a dark red lipliner really help and go well with any red under the red spectrum. 
  • Applying red lipsticks (or darker lipsticks) can be a messy task and sometimes discourages woman from wearing them all together! Applying with a lip-brush provides a lot more control and minimizes the mess that tends to be created applying the lipstick out the tube
  • Also cleaning up any mistakes made around the mouth with concealer helps
  • Another trick is putting your pointer finger in your mouth (that removes any lipstick under the brim of your lips so that you are not stuck with red lipstick on your teeth)
  • Practice makes perfect! Try different liners and applications but don't give up. Blue based lipsticks tend to suit woman with darker skin tones. For woman with lighter skin tones pink based lipsticks and blue based lipsticks also are very nice. 

Inexpensive Blush: LA Femme

Counter clockwise: Magenta,  Russet, Purple passion, Cinnabar, Bordeaux

Alright folks I am giving you some insider information about blushes that I have found that are spectacular and a steal if you ask me. Now I am a blush girl, it really awakes the face and adds a nice glow. I know some feel like blush is something for old ladies or it isn't for them, but at least one or two colours added to your collection will add some glow to the face. I have a collection of Mac blushes, and Nars blushes, and though they are are my favourite by far out of all brands, when I came across La Femme blushes I was in love. I came across these blushes from some of my favourite guru's on you tube I was excited to order and give them a try. These blushes are $3.50 each (no typo) and they are pigmented, and comparable to high end blushes. Now ladies if you have lighter skin tones don't be afraid because a light hand can be used to achieve a natural pretty look. It is all about the tools used and building blush on the cheek to get your desired look. Try some daring colours and you will see the difference it makes in making the face look awake. For my darker ladies blush can make a huge difference on the face and beautiful burgundy colours and bright orange colours will be your best choices (although darker sisters are not limited to colours as long as they are not ashy/chalky). So don't be afraid to give some a try and play with some color. Applying blush to the apples of the cheek and towards the hairline with a light hand is the best application. I will put a face chart to show application and best practices depending on the shape of your face. I ordered these 5 blushes off a website called: and they arrived to me in Canadian postage in about 2 weeks and where bubble wrapped securely in the box. I was so excited because I really shocked me in terms of the quality and feel and was impressed. Here is a list of the blushes that I ordered off the website:

Top Left to Right: Cinnabar, Purple passion, Bordeaux
Bottom Left to Right: Magenta, Russet

Cinnabar:  A light brown with a orange undertone 
Purple Passion: A deeply pigmented purple with a blue undertone (stunning on dark skin)
Bordeaux: A rich burgundy color with small flecks of glitter (my favourite) 
Magenta: A beautiful magenta with a pink undertone (stunning on dark skin)
Russet: A bright pigmented orange that is completely matte

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let those eyes Pop Girl: Urban Decay: The Dangerous Pallette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette: The Dangerous Palette
In terms of eye shadows I generally stick with my MAC palettes that I have over the years but I have been wanting to try something different and heard so much hype over how great Urban Decay eyeshadows are. Anxiously for months I would pop into Sephora and swatch some eye shadows and think they feel ok for me and are nothing special. One day I was just itching to try something new and exciting. I debated getting cult favorites Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 or 2 but couldn't shell out the $60 for it on the spot. I then noticed the dangerous palette and though let me try these out because the colours are pretty. Now I know what all the hype is about! The eyeshadows are like butter and apply opaque and smooth over the eyes and are very easy to blend out. Very little goes a far stretch when using these because of the massive color payoff and the colours are so vivid even without a base under them. The colours within this palette are jewel toned and there are a couple of neutral tones to play with as well. The good thing which I was unaware of with Urban Decay eyeshadows are that they are sulfate free, paraben free, and synthetic fragrance free as well! This is great because why are we adding harmful ingredients to our precious eyes anyway? This palette is also great for the value at $40 CAD, because one eye shadow alone is $22 CAD! (Crazy right?) Now I am a Urban Decay believer because these are just great. I will describe the colours below.

Left to Right: Evidence, Loaded, Gravity, Deeper, Mushroom.
Above: Ace

  • Gravity: A deep purple with coloured shimmer. Applies very smoothly onto the eyes. Due to the glitter content it is not my most reached for in the bunch (we are on that grown and sexy tip ya'll) This is pretty for a night out. 
  • Loaded:  A exquisite deep emerald green with beautiful shimmer. Applies like a dream. Great for  applying to the outer v of the eye or smoking out the eye and extremely pigmented. 
  • Evidence:  A dark royal blue that I am totally in love with! Again applies smooth and makes great color for the outer v or all over if you are daring!
  • Deeper: Is a dark brown with a bronzy colouring. Appears glittery in pan but looks very beautiful as a neutral- ish shade on the eye. 
  • Mushroom: A shimmery silver/grey that is stunning! Great for holiday parties and the winter time and a unique color on its own.
  • Ace: A dark gray with a blue sparkle in it. Very unique color nothing I have ever seen before and like its other sisters in the palette applies very smooth and very blend-able. 
  • As a treat Urban Decay also threw in a min lip gloss that is a neutral light pink.
Overall I am now a believer and look forward to trying more eye shadows from this company. 

Any questions about the eyeshadows? Have you been trying other brands am amazed? share them! Comment below!

Affordable Make Up Brush Alert!: Sonia Kashuk

If you are looking for cheap (inexpensive) make up brushes that are great quality and apply makeup well, look no further! Sonia Kashuk! For the Canadian girls that read my blog as you all know Target has just opened up all around the GTA and now we finally get to see what our (American) neighbours are talking about.  
  • This brush set is only $12 CAD
  • Includes: 1 duo-fiber multipurpose brush (good for applying foundation, blush, bronzer, highlight)
  • 1 eyeshadow brush (good for packing on color on the eye)
  • 1 crease brush (good for sweeping shadow into the crease and also aids in blending out shadows)
  • 1 angled eyeliner brush (good for applying eyeliner, and filling in brows)
Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition 4 piece travel Brush Set

Tropic Isle Leave In Conditioner & Detangler : First Impression

Tropic Isle Living: Leave in Conditioner and Detangler
   I have been asked to share some of the products I use in my hair that have aided me along my hair journey thus far. When I first began my hair journey I will tell you I lived, slept, dreamed hair. It was so brand new to me and so exciting to learn everything about my hair, and how I could go about regrowing it back (I big chopped aka cut off my hair) I would go out and buy nearly anything for my hair, and at times I had so many products sitting in my vanity I couldn't use them fast enough.
   Purchasing a lot of products is something I strongly warn against when you are trying to start improving the health of your hair. One of two things happen: either you are overwhelmed by so many products and do not know what product is working for you, or you have a lot of products that are not working for you and have spent a lot of money. My suggestion is research a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and styling product that you may what to start using and start with those until you have an idea of how you feel. Keep in mind what works for me, or your friend, or your momma might now work for you as well. With haircare you really must give things a try and see if they are a good fit for YOUR hair.
    Right now I am in the mood to try and experiment with new products from lines I have enjoyed over my few years! My natural hair is extremely thick and very curly and with this comes a wicked forearm and patience of steel when it comes to wash days. I have decided to stick with ingredients and product lines that have really done justice and ones I have seen results with in the past, and that is why I am now trying Tropic Isle leave in Conditioner and Detangler.
I have only been using this product in my hair for the last month but I can give my first impression of the product offhand.

  • It has a very watery consistency (something I'm not exactly fond of)
  • The ingredient list is great: organic aloe juice, Jamaican Castor oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, rosemary, Basil, lavender and black willow bark extract (just to name several)
  • The scent is extremely earthy (by that I mean nearly every ingredient I can smell there is no fragrance added)
  • Has many organic oils and herbal extracts that are shown to help with growth and strength of the hair
  • Works pretty well, leaves hair feeling very soft and moisturized, provides a nice sheen as well
  • Can be found at local discount beauty supplies all over for $23 CAD (price I paid)
All in all I have not used it to detangle my hair as of yet because I have been flat ironing my hair for spring with my hairdresser. I can't wait to see what kinds of results I get and if it aids me with my sessions. I am very fond of natural hair care products, and have noticed a lot of success in terms of growth. So far I enjoy it! 
Are you using any leave in conditioners that you want to share? Do you have any questions about this conditioner or other products? Please comment below! 

Perfection in a Bottle: Concealer

Left to Right: Mac-Pro Longwear concealer, Mac Pro conceal and Correct Palette,Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer, L.A. Girl Pro concealer
Perfection in a bottle is what I would like to call concealer. The nights when you partied a little too hard, had insomnia and barley slept, or plain old genetics (think dark circles, bags) and your face just looks exhausted. Dark bags and discolouration under the eye can age the face 5-6 years older then we are just because we didn't get all of our zz's. We have all had those moments we go into the mirror and look at ourselves thinking wow I look like I didn't sleep period. Ladies those moments are the time I go to my trusty friend: concealer. I never ever had to use concealer in all my years, but as the years fly by and age is starting to get the best of my skin I hate to even leave to anywhere special without a little bit on. Concealer can really help many situations. It is not strictly to conceal the under eye area, but many use it to conceal hair under the brow, highlight the brow, highlight parts of the face, contouring and concealing dark blemishes on the face. I have a stash of concealers as I built up my make up kit (for freelance makeup) and my own personal collection to use for varying looks and days. If you are starting up your personal makeup kit concealer is a must in your bag. I will tell you about a few of my favourites and how I tend to use them.

Top to Bottom: Mac Pro conceal and Correct Palette, Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer, L.A. Girl Pro concealer, Mac-Pro Longwear concealer

  • Mac Pro Longwear concealer: This is my go to concealer to cover up any dark acne marks or blemishes I may have on my face. I get this color in my exact shade (NW45 for reference) and it covers up everything with a natural flawless look.This concealer is full to medium coverage. Literally a small pump of this concealer can cover your entire face so use it very carefully. I know some people who use this as a full coverage foundation this thing is amazing. The consistency is creamy and this thing does not budge, crease or move for up to 12 hrs in my experience. Mac has a large variety of shades to choose from. This can be purchased for $22 CAD at any Mac counter.
  • Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer: Alright so if you have been keeping up with my blog I love argan oil and Ms Maran is a new brand I have been dabbling in. This concealer is now my favourite to put under my eyes to conceal dark circles. This concealer is medium to full coverage. The thing I love about this is that it has a peach color corrector that does magic. I sometimes only use the colour corrector and put my foundation right over it for a highlighted look. The concealer portion is beautiful and silky and blend-able on the skin and provides a natural look as well. There is also benefits of organic argan oil infused to provide nutrients to you skin, I'm in love. The shade I have is in "Chestnut" and it is a great match.This concealer can be purchased in Sephora for $36 CAD
  • Mac Pro Conceal and Correct Palette (dark NC45, NW45, NC50,NW55, Ochre, Pure Orange): This was a product I was debating back and forth about and then became very excited about purchasing. This I will admit is very useful in my kit because there are few colours I can use on clients of various skin tones. This concealer is creamy and easy to work with once it has been warmed up from the heat of your fingers. It works great under the eyes and doesn't crease if a setting powder is applied over it.It is also pretty good at concealing dark marks on the face. The color correctors are also very useful. The orange may seem scary but it cancels out any darkness on the skin better then any concealer will (color theory ladies) it is a very good value of $47.50 CAD but I would say it might be a better buy if you are using it professionally or really are a die hard concealer girl that likes the ability to mix. 
  • L.A. Girl HD Concealer: (Cool tan, Warm honey, Toffee) This is the ultimate of values in my books for concealers because it is $2.50 US. Your really can't beat that pricing ladies. It is medium to full coverage and has a brush applicator to apply the product onto the skin. The color range is huge, so you can definitely find your match easily. L.A girl applies very well and has a creamy consistency. The brush applicator doesn't do much aside from place the product under your eye so you will need a makeup brush to buff it into the skin for a natural look. This is one of those products you don't want to sleep on because of its performance as well as its pricing. I ordered this product of and it shipped to Canada quickly. They can be purchased in Toronto as well at some beauty supply stores and discount beauty stores as well. All in all a really good product hands down. 
Have you tried any of these concealers? Is there a concealer that you swear by that you would like to share? Any questions? Comment down below! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Product Fail: MAC Oil Control Lotion

Like many people I tend to have a oily t-zone and it truly annoys the hell out of me putting it simple. I apply my primer, my foundation, and some powder to my face and leave the house looking flawless! Give my face 15-20 minutes and my nose, chin, and middle of forehead are oily and it appears as though I did nothing to my face. While talking to a Mac makeup artist I complained about the fact I have this problem and was quickly recommended Mac's Oil Control Lotion. 
    Mac describes this lotion as lightweight lotion that mattifying the face and bonds makeup to the skin. I grabbed the travel size lotion which comes in a 30ml tube for $13 CAD and left behind the standard size bottle which is 50ml retails for $40 CAD. The consistency of the lotion is nice and light, the scent of the product is fresh and slightly floral and leaves the face feeling soft and moisturized upon application. 
My issue with the lotion is I see no difference with use. I have used it several times, changed my application and used it on days it was cold outside and zero difference. Next time I will try to apply this first under my primer and then apply my foundation. I hate to do so much work to make a product work but it has been purchased so I will do what I must. Will be be repurchasing this again? NOPE. For the price, and lack of results I am not much of a fan.
I will finish off my saying it is a good idea to get a tester and see if it will in fact work for you since you may have slightly different results then I had as well.
If you have tried out this product tell us what your experience was? Is there any product you recommend me or readers trying? Let me know!

Eye Shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo

Back in the day when I first got in the "make up game" I was obsessed with eyeshadows. I took Fashion Arts in college and we had a makeup application course. That course was in fact the start of my makeup addiction. In this class we had to apply different looks on our peers and where marked by our teacher (a makeup artist) on how well we followed her instructions. I alway ended up teaming up with my class mate Holly. Holly was a pretty blonde girl that was a little on the slower side in truth, but we teamed up because we had no plans at the time to go into makeup and did not want to use our makeup on all our peers. Some looks we where assigned to do where colorful and needed a little pick me up to show up on me well and the instructor used to advise Holly to use a eyeshadow base or a cream eyeshadow.(Holly was often baffled on the fact colours would show up at all on my black skin at all) but they worked really well and I would get endless compliments as I would carry on with the rest of my day (caked faced with makeup and outlandish eye looks) Cream eyeshadows are now something I really enjoy using and are a must when I am using bold eyeshadow colours.
   Maybelline released Color Tattoos which are cream eyeshadows in some of the prettiest colors ever! These can be found at any drug store and I purchased mine at Walmart. They retail for $6.99 in store and a lot of the time they are on sale. The colours I own are: Pomegranate Punk, Painted Purple, and Bold Gold. They can be applied with your fingers or a brush and can be used either as a base under eyeshadows to make the colours pop, or used all alone to provide a beautiful wash over the eye.
Left to Right: Pomegranate punk, Painted Purple, Bold Gold
Left to Right: Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk
  •    Pomegranate punk: Is a red based burgundy color with a little bit of shimmer in it (not overbearing) it applies smoothly on the eye and lasts for hours with no re application needed. It is quite pigmented as well!
  •   Painted purple:  Is a violet/blue/purple that has a hint of sparkle within it. It also applies smoothly but sometimes as you apply you will notice little gaps so may need to layer it to get the desired look. Although I don't believe it preforms well on its own I love it as a base when I am wearing purple eyeshadows because it makes them pop! It also lasts very long on the eye.
  • Bold Gold: is a dark gold and is extremely shimmery. I would say it is my least favourite out of the ones I own because the shimmer looks a bit harsh on the eye. The consistency is a bit lumpy as well, but works pretty good as a base under a gold eyeshadow (and thats how I use it because it will not be going to waste)
    Top to Bottom: Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk
All in all there are a few more shades I will be picking up. These are reasonably priced and easy to get at all drug stores I have been to. I think a must try for anyone who loves eyeshadow.
Have you tried out any of these shadows? Are there any colours that you think I need to try and am sleeping on? Comment below! Also any simular products you recommend?   

Bronzed Goddess: Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

     Ladies we are getting closer and closer to summer I can just feel it in my bones. Mother nature is playing with my heart as she wakes me up to sunny days and milder weather. I am preparing for summer time as if it will never come again. This long dreary winter- I am over it! Now to get right to business! I am a sucker for a highlight, I mean one of those ones when you turn your head BAM you are glowing like a halo is over your head.I do own other highlighters and bronzers that I may review later on, but I yet to find one that gives me so much "LIFE" then Lorac TANtalizer. I know sisters you are thinking Tanta-wait-lizer why would a sister need a tan? I know the name might be a bit funny, but when I say this provides just the right amount of shimmer and glimmer you need? This is no joke. 
    The colour is a rich terracotta/ gold, which applies with a light shimmer (minus the harsh sparkles)and provides a radiance that comes across natural on the face. It can be applied to the cheekbones, cupid's bow, decollete (neck and chest area), cheeks, to highlight the eyebrow you name it! For lighter skins woman you may want to test it out because it may look too shimmery, but for medium to darker skin tones this will look absolutely gorgeous. The wear on this bronzer is between 6-8 hours so I do not have to reapply. A little goes a tremendous way so this product is guaranteed to last for a very long time. This bronzer is also magnificent when worn over your favourite blush as well.
   The bronzer comes with a brush that is located at the very bottom of the packaging, which makes for great use during travel.
   Lorac has made this product without sulfates, and synthetic fragrances so it is very gentle on the skin. I am always glad when I see a company is paying attention to the ingredients they have us putting on our face.The packaging says you can dampen the product due to it being mineralized, one day I will try that but I have concerns of it being overkill. 
   Ladies this is a must for the summer months, because there is nothing better then some bronzed goddess skin as we have some fun in the sun!
Is this a product that intrests you to try for the summer? Are there bronzers that you love and think are worth readers checking out? Please comment below and let me know!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Va-va-voom: Red Lipsticks

Every single woman should own a red lipstick that expresses her sultry, femine side. Red lipsticks are flirty and fun and really add some flair. As long as it is paired with a fresh face you are all set. Try to keep your eye shadow very neutral and simple and allow for the lipstick to be the main focus on the face. I had been searching for the perfect red lip for the longest time and struggled to find a lipstick that suited me. I felt like all of them made me look like I was trying too hard, or look slightly clownish. I also tried out a few and they had this orangy tinge to them that I could not stand. For woman of color sticking with blue based red lipsticks tends to be the most complimentary and tends to look sophisticated so definitely go to the store and try out a few.
Wet&Wild- Cherry picking, Wet&Wild-Spot light Red #911D, Mac-Ruby Woo, Mac Ronnie Red, Lime Crime-Present

Lucky for us consumers there are many different brands we can go consider on our hunt for the perfect red lips that come at different price points. 

  • Spot light Red #911D is a bright cherry red that applies very smoothly to the lips and is beautiful for woman of color
  • Cherry picking is my favourite because it has a beautiful pink/red colouring and is very moisturizing on the lips and wears for up to 6 hours. 
  •  Ruby Woo is just stunning on the lightest of skin to the darkest of skin, the only flaw I will point out is that Ms Woo is extremely drying and it is a MUST ladies that you exfoliate your lips prior and apply a good balm first, or you will look crazy on the streets. 
  • Ronnie Red which is a limited addition collection from Mac that launched early this year in the Archie's Girls collection. Ronnie is a pink-red with a blue base and is matte, it is very comfy and does not leave the lips dry.
  • I tried a new brand(for me) Lime Crime which is a vegan based cosmetic company the lip gloss is called Present and has a beautiful sparkle in it that goes well topped over a lipstick
  • Mac's Wicked ways is a limited edition lipgloss from The Venomous Villains collection that is opaque and applies beautifully over lipsticks and allows for a pretty shine over a matte lipstick.

Mac-Wicked ways, Lime Crime-Present, Mac Ronnie Red, Mac-Ruby Woo, Wet &Wild -Spot light Red #911D, Wet&Wild Cherry picking

Mac-Wicked ways, Lime Crime-Present, Mac Ronnie Red, Mac-Ruby Woo, Wet &Wild -Spot light Red #911D, Wet&Wild Cherry picking

The trick with lipstick is using a liner that will be complimentary.  A dark brown or a red lipliner will either tone down the lipstick or keep the lipstick from bleeding outside the lips. Also applying the lipsticks with a lip-brush is helpful due to red lipstick having the tendency to be a little messy. 
Will you be trying more red lipsticks for the upcoming months? Is there a red lipstick that you think readers should know about? Do you have any questions about application or liners that go well with red lipsticks? Please comment down below!

Hair Talk: Deep Conditioning with coconut oil/Castor Oil

Very frequently I am asked about my hair care regiment and I literally stutter and try to provide a decent response. I will be honest I am a big time slacker. I abuse my hair on levels that do not even make sense some months, and then other times I treat it like a newborn baby. I am trying my best to stick to a little action plan and solid regiment to really get some growth and thickness back. My hairdresser scolded me in my last visit and told me I must do better. When I decided to go natural I was so diligent, my hair became a part time job. Deep condition every week religiously, trims every three months, vegan products and the whole nine yards! Now? If I deep condition every few months I'm excited. The hairdresser became a distant friend and my products dried up. I don't know what happened to my zest? Well may be because I attained the length I really liked and then the "Chaka Khan" hair i dreamed of suddenly took so much time to detangle, dry, and style. I am back on my A game though.

I will be flat ironing my hair for spring to prevent breakage. It is always an internal battle I have being natural and keeping my hair straight all the time. Dodging rain drops, sweat and all the jazz and work that goes along with straight hair was something I thought I retired from. However the dreadlocks and tender-head is wearing my patience thin so I am doing what I must for now. So tonight I am preparing to visit my hairdresser and get back on her team. I am going back to my old life. Deep conditioning with coconut oil (organic fair-trade Dr Bronners to be exact) and Jamaican castor oil. I coat my ends and hair shaft with the oils, pull my hair up, get my trustee plastic bag (wal-mart in this case) and wrap my head with a towel and shower cap and go to bed. I know in the past this made a huge difference in retaining my length, keeping my ends healthy, and helped with growth. This will only work if you are consistent with it though, so don't think you can do a one time fix and see something happen because that will be a fail. Tomorrow I will bring my shampoo and conditioner of preference for my appointment.  I will share my recipe for deep conditioning methods I do with my favourite conditioners and added oils and products very soon.
Do you have any questions about my deep conditioning? Do you use a different method that works for you? Are there any other oils that you recommend readers to try out? Please comment down below!

Hair Talk: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges

I can’t be the only person that experiences unruly edges and fly away nappies when I am going for a look of sleek pulled back hair. I do not want to deal with using harsh gel on my hair in all cases and for a woman with natural hair gel tends to make the curls start popping. Curls popping are not a bad thing but when I flat iron my hair I truly do not want that effect. I was in my Beauty hair supply store and was cruising down the isle and found Creme of Nature’s perfect edge on sale for $4! I placed it in my basket and figured I have nothing to loose. Good choice because “honey my hair was laidddd” (in my American neighbor voice). This perfect edge is like pomade that has a thick consistency and allows for hair edges to literally lay down. 

Normally I steer away from pomades because they tend to leave you hair feeling stiff and weighed down and within a day or two you need to wash it right out. This edge control does not leave that tacky feel and ugly residue a lot of products have the reputation of doing. It also contains argan oil which I truly love and claims prolonged use will provide benefits. I don’t know how true that is because I do not use it that frequent to comment on it providing any benefits to my hair, but it caught my attention. I really like a few of the products from this line Creme of nature has and love they are infusing products with argan oil. This is going to be added to my Holy Grail hair products! One criticism I do have about this product is that it doesn’t really work well in curls. I tried to use it when I had my hair up in a puff and that was a fail and a half and I ended up needing a gel to really get the look I desired. 
Aside from the fact that is does not preform well when I have my hair curly, I do like the scent of the product and even though it is in a small jar you do not need much to get the desired look. Check out your local beauty supply store if you are interested in this product and if you happen to be in the Toronto area it is constantly on sale at many beauty supply stores. 
Do you have any questions about this perfect edge product? Are you using another product that works really well for smoothing down your edges and hair? Do you have any suggestions for readers? Comment down below and let us know!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purchase Fail :Lush Passionate Liquid Lipstick

      I used to be a impulse shopper, until adult life kicked in with bills, headaches, and limited money. To the naked eye I may seem excessive and I will admit I can be but I have improved by miles. With that said I was in Lush and determined to grab my one item and speed out without falling into temptation, but the sweet overly helpful teenager probably working on some type of commission instantly noticed my love of bright lipstick and clothes. She persuaded me to buy this liquid lipstick called Passionate and bragged on and on about how beautiful it would be on me. I hesitantly listened to what she was saying and she did a swatch to show me the color on her hand and before I knew it I had purchased two items. Needless to say I love a new lippie so went home and was content. 
I usually try not to purchase without going to the beauty bibles (blogs, youtube etc etc) and usually for good reason because I usually end up a little disappointed. This purchase made me sad. The color is a beautiful two toned purple pink, with a doe-foot applicator used for application. The lipstick dries to a matte finish and stains the lip for quite awhile. My problem with the lippie is that is is extremely drying. I figured because it was a vegan product that contains jojoba oil that it would feel nice and leave a nice feel on the lips, but I was wrong. My lips felt like they needed to be exfoliated and a 911 call for a heavy dose of Carmex lip-balm to sooth the dry spell cast on my mouth. That product is a fail in my books. At $18.95 CAN a pop I should be in awe as far as I'm concerned and that I am not. 
       Ladies and gents do not feel afraid to do a swift return if the item is not up to par with you. I have no time to collect dust on a lipstick that I am not in love with and don't intend to start. I tried playing with this lipstick and tried to pair it with lipgloss and a lip balm under, but I shouldn't have to play so hard with a product to make it work for me it just makes no sense. If you are interested in picking it up and giving it a try your local Lush store has it. Just please do not be a sucker like me and get coax into buying an unplanned item. 
Have you tried this product  and had a different experience? Is there a simular product that you think readers should give a try? Comment down below and let us know!

Real Smooth :Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub: Review

If you are a lipstick wearer or live in a cold/extremely hot climate you know you lips tend to suffer when exposed to the elements. There is nothing worse then dry, peeled, and chapped lips! Dry, ashy lips look even worse if you like to wear lipsticks and lip gloss and tend to be emphasized ten times more. The goal is kissable, smooth, luscious lips folks and I found an inexpensive treatment that really helps. Lush's Bubblegum lip scrub is a blend of sugar, castor oil, and jojoba oil that you rub on your lips and lick right off (tastes so good). After application you apply your favorite moisturizing lip balm and you are all set, you wake up to smooth, exfoliated plump lips. Lush's scrub retails for $10 CAN and you can find it in your local Lush! This little pot lasts forever and because of the natural ingredients can be applied as often as you need. 
Do you intend to give this product a try? Do you know of something simular that would do the job as well? Comment down below and let us know!

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics LUSH Bath bombs

Purple Haze : Lipsticks & Lip Gloss

I have an addiction. The first step to any addiction is admitting you have a problem and owning it. So I will admit I have a clear cut addiction to lipsticks. Anyone that knows me will say you have an addiction to many things: clothes, food, spending in general! Yes I do, but nothing gets me weaker then some lipstick. The funny part about the addiction is that when I first got into the makeup game I thought  lipstick was a item older woman wore, and I was young! As long as my lip gloss was popping and eyes had some bright eyeshadow on I was made. I was really wrong. I do not know when it happened or how it took place, but one day I purchased a lipstick and never looked back. I have made it a job of mine to find the best shades for my skin tone and finding ways to alter colours that may be a bit too bright and bold for my liking. So I can write a longer speech on my addiction but I know that would be dull. The sun is here, the warmer weather is teasing my Canadian bred soul and I am trying to get *turnt up* so I am dumping the vampy darker lip shades I was rocking in the winter and on trend for 2013! Purple lips are going to be big this year. For me personally they where always big, but bold colours are going to make a come back. I sorted through my lipstick vault and pulled out a few colours that I think will suit varying skin tones and would be a great addition to a collection.
From Left to Right: MAC-Outrageously Fun, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Hocchie, Maybelline Color sensational-Hot Plum, MAC- Violetta
From Left to Right: MAC-Outrageously Fun, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Hocchie, Maybelline Color sensational-Hot Plum, MAC- Violetta, MAC MAC Funtabulous Dazzelglass, Sephora Black Energy

  • Each lipstick varies in tone and finish but are absolutely stunning. MAC Outrageously Fun is from a limited addition Glamour Daze collection and may be difficult to find in stores, but MAC has a similar lipstick Candy Yum Yum that has been added to the permanent collection. Candy Yum Yum is a hot pink in color but with a purple lip liner the same look can be achieved. A major difference is that Candy Yum Yum is a matte shade so will be much drier. Outrageously Fun is described as a blue based magenta pink and has a beautiful amplified texture that allows for a smooth feel upon application on the lips. If you can get your hands on this at a Estee Lauder sale, or eBay I say grab it! 
  • Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics (OCC for my poor fingers) is a vegan brand that I was introduced to by blog life. This by far is the one shade I put on and men and woman always ask me what I am wearing. (I squirm and blush and reply hocchie- always makes me feel embarrassed) but it is stunning. It is described as a vibrant magenta and really it just leaves me speechless, it is a head turner and I feel it would suit anyone of any complexion period! It is a liquid lipstick, so it must be used with a lip brush or you will be very upset at the stains you are walking around town with. A little goes a long way so do NOT apply it like a lip gloss (I beg you)lip tars as they are called (and no tar is in these) can be found in Sephora, as well as there is a store in the Mississauga area that sells them (ask me if you need details)truly, truly greatness. 
  • Now folks please do not sleep on Maybelline next time you are in the drug store. They are truly going hard this year, and they are saving me some dollars at the till as well! They have released color sensational lipsticks and the variation and pigmentation are enough to get me skipping down the isle in a Wal-mart! Hot plum is a moisturizing, deeply pigmented shade that also stands out and really makes me feel like summer is 2 steps away. It does have a slight scent to it, so if you are particular about those short of things please be weary. The packaging is slightly bulky but aside from that I think it is a steal and very comparable with high end lipsticks as well. Wal-mart, Target, Shoppers Drug Marts etc these can be found. Any drug store essentially. My last and this I will vouch is my favourite lipstick from MAC of all time. (Do I say everything is my favourite?) but for real people this is my favourite hands down, sign sealed and delivered. MAC Violetta it is described as a Violet purple with some shimmer in it. It may look vampy and it can be if you make it, but the shimmer allows for it to be fun and flirty even in the spring and summer. Layered under some gloss can turn this multi season lipstick into a winner for the spring/summer. This can only be found in the MAC pro store. (for my peeps in the Toronto area- Queen Street) I feel like this shade should really just be permanent all MAC stores but I guess they are trying to make it exclusive which is such a shame because it is one of their best in my opinion. I am a true fan of layering and making my lipstick pop and shine. Two lip-glosses that help me achieve that when wearing a purple lip are: MAC- Dazzleglass in Funtabulous and Sephora lip gloss in Black energy. Do not be shy this season and try some purples out. You will not be disappointed. 

From Left to Right: Sephora Black Energy, MAC Funtabulous Dazzelglass
Are there any other purple lipsticks you suggest readers check out? Do you have questions about different liners and applications? Do you have any questions about any of the products I have mentioned? Comment down below and let me know!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hair Talk:Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Castor Oil

The day I decided to go natural, I decided that my hair had to look like Chaka Khan. You are probably thinking how can you decide what your hair would look like? You have no choice in the matter! And that is very true. However my mother only relaxed (permed) my hair when I turned 13 for my aunts wedding so I do have pictures of what my hair looked like prior to the perm (aka creamy crack) Just how to get to the thickness and volume of my hair idol was my challenge, and of course what time was it? (Ding, ding, ding) research time. You will soon see I am a very big nerd and enjoy researching anything till the wheels fall off when I am motivated. So blogging and you-tubing I went and the information on castor oil was lengthy and informative.
When I started watching videos of ladies who had been natural for years with huge afro puffs and lions manes- castor oil was a very common theme for all of them. Before I knew it, it had became a theme for me as well. Castor oil is one of the greatest oils I have ever used in my hair period. The main problem I have with it is the scent! As we know "NO PAIN NO GAIN, NO PAIN NO BEAUTY" all of that jazz so I sucked it up, closed my nose and let castor oil do its magic. Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from a castor bean. It contains both vitamin E, minerals and proteins. It can add luster and shine to hair, prevent hair loss, help with split ends, moisturize scalp and thicken hair. When I read all the benefits I was on a hunt for this bad boy! I looked up and down the place and ended up finding it in Honey Fig in Toronto (a vegan shop) but now I do notice you can go to any vitamin shop, health food store, a lot of grocery stores and beauty supplies and find castor oil easily. My brand of choice is Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Castor oil ( and no being Jamaican did not have me leaning toward it more so then going the generic route--OK I am lying) but it contains no salt and says to be 100% natural no additives. The way I use it is I do a pre-poo with it (saturating my hair with it and wearing a plastic bag or cap on my head for about an hour prior to washing) or I add it to my deep conditioner and concentrate it on the ends of my hair. I know a lot of people add it to their hair or on their scalp after washing their hair, but for me the smell is a bit too strong for that. It  does work, you must be diligent with it, it won't be an overnight change seen, but you will see improvements with continued use. If you don't end up liking it for your hair there are actually 1000 uses for it from dry skin, to pain relief to constipation ( I know TMI) but we are adults I am keeping it 100% with you. I say give this a try it is very inexpensive (I am sure you see the deal I got from the beauty supply) and really is a great oil packed with so many benefits. 
Has castor oil helped you along with your hair journey? Do you have any questions about using castor oil? Are you using any other oils that are working for you? Comment down below and let us know!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tined Moisturizer: Laura Mercier

Spring and summer are right around the corner (at least I hope) and with the milder weather and sunny mornings I have been feeling like I should prepare for warmer climates. With warmer climate comes the urge to be bare faced and bronzed. The dream of barefaced and bronzed like i'm in the Bahamas and have even skin tones with no imperfection is basically a fantasy. Now I don't have a lot of imperfections on my face but i do have some uneven skin tone and acne marks that I do want to cover up. I have no time for foundation everyday and in truth wearing foundation has led to my fantasy being ruined. So tinted moisturizer for me is the way to go as the weather heats up. It is light weight, has some color and leaves the face looking very natural. Since it is low maintenance and can be applied with hands, sponges, or brushes (you fancy huh? *dances to Drake) it is a quick and sure way to look put together minus the "beat down".I have tried quite a few tinted moisturizers and never found one that doesn't cause monster breakouts on my skin. I will tell you now, when I am thinking of buying any beauty product I study it like a test! I go to my beauty bible (aka the blogs, youtube, makeupalley) and see what others said about it, how it looks on others, and how it applies. Woman of color I feel have to even go harder since we come in so many varying skin tones and undertones and lets face it a lot of cosmetic lines are only starting to cater to us and even then not in a huge way. Then I found Laura Mercier! I have passed the line several times in Sephora and Holt Renfrew (window shopping) and never thought to even look into the line, but a young lady in Sephora mentioned they are quite popular and that Ms Mercier is all about the "flawless face"- and me I'm about that life so i said what the heck lets give it a go. I'm surprised but she has a few colours that cater to the chocolate sisters and I decided to dab some on my face and walk around the mall to see if anything funny started happening. I grabbed the color Walnut and left and wore it to work all week. I do like it but not 100% sure picked up the right color because some days I feel it is too yellow and other days I think its dead on. The texture is beautiful, the coverage is actually the most coverage I have had from a tinted moisturizer and it wears well, however my oily T-zone and me have battles with this and I find myself blotting away my oil a few times a day with this. The product is said to be oil free and is suppose to help control oil and that has yet to happen. That is not cool because it was happening in the winter! Summer dreams are fading away with this because what will i look like in the summer? An oil slick? I recommend giving it a try because it looks beautiful, but if you have oily skin you may need a great primer under this or to give something else a whirl. I am on the fence about purchasing it again because it looks good and doesn't cause breakouts, but why is it so much work? At this price point I can't be working so hard to make this look good. I say get some samples and really give it a try and see if you fall in love. 
Do you want to give this moisturizer a try and have questions? Are you using any other brands that you absolutely love and want to mention? Do you have any questions? Comment down below and let me know!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hair Care: Shampoo: Argan oil Sulfate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo

I get a lot of questions about my hair care regiment and in truth I try my best to keep it very simple and now have just stayed loyal to the products that have worked for me time and time again. I made the decision to go natural a little over 3 years ago and got sucked into the Youtube and natural hair world thinking I needed organic everything and all products I use had to be catering to natural hair. I searched high and low for these miracle products that would help me get the Chaka Khan mane I dreamed of and wanted so bad. I will admit I have tried so many products and invested so much money in the various products and for the most part only used a handful of them. Vegan hair products and hair care products are not cheap and are more sparse here in Toronto. They can be found at vegan stores like Honey Fig and a lot more beauty supplies are now catering to the market but they do not come cheap. I was over-whelmed but luckily I had a close friend at the time that was natural for a very long time and I took it upon myself  to research like nobody's business. Now that i'm more of a seasoned natural (I'd like to think) I realized that simple is better, and the thousands of oils, leave in conditioners, and products are unnecessary and sticking with the basics is the best thing that could ever happen to my hair. Now getting to the main point is as a child my mother would use Cream of Nature shampoo to wash my hair and it always left my hair soft and beautiful without stripping it of all natural oils of my hair. They recently released a new line infused with argan oil (my favourite) and i was in the beauty supply store and saw it and figured let me give it a whirl. It is great, leave my hair soft, and clean! It is sulfate free- meaning it doesn't contain the agent that foams up soaps and dries hair. I think it is worth a try!
Are you using any other shampoos and want to mention them? Do you have any questions about this shampoo? Comment below and let us know! Shop! Follow on Bloglovin

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