Monday, June 3, 2013

The Key to the Perfect Lip: Lip Liner

If you have been following my blog for a bit you will know that I am a hugeeee lipstick fan and really don't go a day without wearing it. I feel it just adds a pop to the face and some sass to any look.
I am a die hard lipstick fan and with that comes my one tool to achieving a kissable lip look and that my friends is lip liner.
Lip liner is a lip pencil that fills in uneven areas of the lips, defines the lips, and gives lips shape prior to adding lipstick to the lips. It keeps lipstick inside the lip area, prevents lipstick from bleeding outside of the mouth, and provides longevity to lipstick once applied.
There are many different brands of lip liners and different types of lip liners on the market.
Lip liners can be purchased in drug stores, cosmetics stores and department stores. (Yes history class is over)
The reason that lip liners are so crucial for me aside from general uses I have listed is because I have uneven lip colours.
Many woman especially woman of color have this issue and this is the way to combat that issue so that lipsticks blend seamlessly on the skin and look even and pretty.
I try and stick to some colours that go with most lipsticks in my stash. Purple, dark brown, red, dark wine colours  magenta, and fuchsia to name a few. These shades are the ones I keep handy no matter what because they go with everything and either can lighten or darken my lipsticks and make them appear uniform.
I am a die hard fan of Mac lip liners and will review my holy grail liners from them, but they are pretty pricey ($18 CAD a pop) and I needed to find some other liners I could use as well that are much more affordable.
NYX, LA colours, and LA Girl are my go to inexpensive lip liners. They can be purchased at drug stores, online, as well as discount beauty stores globally. They have a great range of colours and actually are pretty good quality. The problem I had with other drug store lip liners where that they where very dry and seemed to just fade right after application.
These brands I find are long lasting (3-6 hours) and don't hurt the wallet at all (ranging from $2-$5 CAD each)
These brands come in a whole array of colours and are worth checking out. Other mentionable brands are Milani, Covergirl, and Jordanna. Keep a look out for these brands in your local drug stores.
Any other brands you think I should check out? Any brands you love?

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