Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Multi Purpose Gals: Pigments

I have always been a fan of make up that can be used in several ways and can lessen the bulk of makeup you have in your stash (although that hasn't stopped me from buying more).
Pigments are one of those dual purpose makeup products that I believe is a product that every girl should have in their stash. If you are starting out get one or two colours you know can function in a few ways (Example gold, bronze, purple)
There are several ways that pigments can be used:
Left to Right:  Makeup Forever #954, Makeup Forever Pure Pigment #16,  Mac Pigment Old Gold, Mac Pigment Melon, Makeup Forever #942

  • They can be used as eyeshadow. Applied wet will be more dramatic and vivid on the eyes. A very little goes a long long way, I have yet to finish any (dropping them on the floor as been as close as I have got)
  • As highlighter or bronzer on the face. Provides a beautiful iridescent look on your face and makes skin appear bronzed and glowy. Apply with stippling brush or blush brush to buff into skin
  • Add/mix pigment into lip gloss to create a different color lip gloss or sparkle 
  • Mix pigments into nail polish to create different nail-polishes and designs
  • Mix into lotions or moisturizers to create a shimmery look on legs, shoulders, face and chest
  • Mix pigments together to create your own custom made colours
  • Can use pigments to create eyeliner using mixing medium (mac cosmetics sells mixing mediums that can be used as well)
Mac Matte Mixing Medium

Mac Mixing Medium Eye Liner 

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