Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ohhh Girl that Glow: Illamasqua Cream Blusher Libido Review

Illamasqua's Libido Cream Blusher
   Illamasqua is quickly becoming my favourite brand next to my beloved Mac cosmetics.
No surprise of course because they are edgy, avant guard, and have vibrant, pigmented cosmetics.
   I was overjoyed when Illamasqua opened a counter in Toronto inside our department store They Bay! Not only was the counter so pretty and stylish but had very nice MUA's working that where ultra helpful.
    I decided to check it out and look at some products I have had on my wish list for months.
I am big on glowing and being bronzed and now that we are right in fall I am trying to go more low key; a little less bronze, a little more glow. 
I am huge fan of DestinyGodly on YouTube and she has been raving about Illamasqua's Libido for so long and I love how it looks on her.
I got to sample this blush with a MUA (makeup artist) and purchase Libido and fell in love. I have been wearing this for the last few days and love how it wears and looks!

Swatch of Libido Cream Blusher
Thoughts on Libido:
  • Libido appears to be a bright red but goes on the skin as a beautiful deep orange
  • Libido is a cream blusher that is best applied on the cheeks with fingertips to blend into the skin or with a stippling brush for light application
  • On the packaging Illamasqua says this blusher can be applied not only to the cheeks but as a highlighter on the cheekbones, however I have only used it as a blush 
  • Libido provides a light colour on the cheeks but is build-able for a deeper colour easily
  • Very little product is needed and the colour provides a beautiful natural warmth to the face
  • The texture of the blush is very smooth and creamy and lightweight on the face
  • This is a great blush to start off with if you are new to blushes 
  • Cream blusher can double as a lip tint/lip colour as well
  • The packaging is sleek and light and contains 4g of product
  • This blush does leave a dewy finish on the skin so oily girls may want to skip this product or be sure to have the rest of the face matte
  • This blush wears beautiful with a nude/dark/colourful lip when applied lightly 
  • The wear on the blush is phenomenal wearing between 7-8 hours without fading
  • Libido is absolutely stunning on tanned to dark skin complexions but lighter ladies can easily pull it off with light application
  • This blush can be purchased at Sephora, The Bay (Canada check locations), and Illamasqua's website
  • Libido retails for $26 CAD
Take a look at my video! I swatch and discuss Libido Cream Blusher here! 

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