Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall is around the corner...time to get Vampy Folks: Fall Lipstick Musts

Left to Right: La Femme Hollywood blush in Bordeaux, Revlon Violet Frenzy,Mac Hang up, Rimmel #4,  Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, Mac Nightmoth Lip pencil, Nars Seduction Blush
Hello folks I am glad to finally be back to blogging. I have got my writing juices flowing and back to talk beauty in full effect again. I generally don't wear much makeup in the summer as per Canadian humidity and heat frustrating me in the summer. I tend to be a lipstick, mascara, lipgloss girl in the summer months, so most beauty seizes!
Now that my excuses for a long blog hiatus is out of the way I will begin to mention that fall is my favourite season for makeup, beauty, and fashion.
Now that labour day has passed the light bronzy, golden, nudes will be thrown away and bold, rich, and vampy is going to get the spotlight.
I have flipped through fashion  magazines that have been given the scoop on fall makeup trends for 2013 and to be honest the trends usually don't stray too far from the year before and I believe can be tweaked to your comfort level.
Top: Mac Nightmoth lip pencil. Bottom Row: Revlon Violet Frenzy,Mac Hang up, Rimmel #4,  Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy
Lipstick colours that will be on trend are:

  1. Classic Reds: Classic reds that bring to mind old Hollywood glamour and sex appeal really have never gone out of style for me all year but I know my red lipsticks put in overtime during the fall because they just ooze vamp and boldness and come in so many spectrum's. Now darker ladies don't be scared (scurred) every woman to the lightest of light to darkest of dark has a red lipstick out there made for them but darker woman tend to look best in blue based reds. Also liner is key weather it be a brown lip liner (ex MACs chestnut) or a slightly darker red liner (Sephora's Sangria). The trend this year is to have a dark and sultry red that shouts vamp from the mountains. Easiest way to achieve that again is with the liner paired with it, so save your money ladies and hunt for some chic liners to achieve this look. 
  2. Deep Purples/Plums: Rich, deep, sultry berry and purple lips are also on trend for fall. These shade ranges are the ones I find that compliment any woman of any colour as long as she has the confidence to pull it off. Prepping the lips with exfoliator and lip balm are a must because these darker colours leave no wiggle room for chapped lips as the cooler weather comes for a long visit. Plums, purples, violets, berries, cranberry, and raspberry shades will be hitting a high note all fall and even winter, so arm yourself with a few beautiful colours and a good lipliner to make it last throughout your work/school day.  
  3. Deep Oranges: Deep, bold, vibrant oranges are also on trend and mimic the colours of fall and the changes of season on the lips. Fall ignores the light washes of oranges that tends to be worn in the summer and ops for oranges that are flashy and chic. For some, myself included orange is a hard one to pull off, but in truth lipstick can be worn no matter what you look like, it just must be paired with a good lipliner that compliments your lip and skin tone. 
  4. Dark Brown/ Black/ Dark Purples: I will admit I do't usually go this route because I haven't been totally daring enough to try the 90s style brown lips and the black/ dark purple lips but I admire woman who do it and I love how it looks. There are all lines from Revlon, to Mac that have black/dark purple lipsticks. Just make sure to exfoliate your lips well 
Other trends to keep an eye out for:
  1. Rich coloured blushes: Berries, Wine, Burgundy, Browns, Orange
  2. Matte faces 
  3. Groomed strong brows
  4. Jewel and metallic eyes
  5. Deep shades of nail polish 

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