Monday, October 14, 2013

Luxury in a Compact: Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder Review

I have a wish-list of many different makeup items I constantly fall in love with and want to purchase in the future, it creates havoc in my head and on my wallet but I need it because I am a beauty junkie.
This list never gets smaller, only larger and I guess I'm like one of the cosmetic industries favourite types of shoppers. The shoppers that don't have much limits and like to own many things (lol).

I have been eyeing Guerlain's bronzing powder for at least 6 months but could not allow myself to spend so much money on it. 
Of course the day came that I was unsatisfied with a product purchased at my beauty counter but couldn't bear to leave the store empty handed and BOOM the bronzing powder was mine.

A few details and my thoughts on this powder:
  • Guerlain Terracotta is a finely milled powder that is used to add tan/bronze to the face
  •  It leaves a beautiful natural looking glow to the face without being over the top and filled with glitter (leaves a natural looking sheen on the skin)
  • This powder has a matte finish with small flecks of sparkle that wear fabulous on the skin
  • Guerlain has expanded the shades in the line so that woman of many complexions can find a suitable bronzer ( 8 shades in the collection) 
  • The bronzer I picked up is called Ebony and even on my dark skin (NW 45 for reference) it looks beautiful, is build-able, and provides a beautiful glow to the face
  • The bronzer blends easily into the skin creating a natural contour and gleam
  • Guerlain is said to be packed with moisturizing ingredients and the powder leaves the face feeling lightweight 
  • I actually used the product all over my face (Yes I tried it) and it makes my face look flawless 
  • This bronzing powder is formulated without: sulfates, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan
  • The wear on the powder is incredible! I wore mine for a full 12 hours and it still was on my face upon returning home
  • This powder does have a floral scent to it so if you are sensitive to scents this might be a powder to avoid
  • This powder is very pricey $57 CAD (yikes) but is worth the cost in my opinion
  • Guerlain can be purchased at Sephora and The Bay (Canada)
  • This product does not oxidize and turn a different colour on the face once worn

Overall I recommend this product if your looking to splurge for the holiday season or have been on the hunt for a really nice bronzer/ contour shade!

Take a look at my video I show the product and mention it in my review !!!!

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