Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Step into the Underworld: Illamasqua Underworld Lipstick Review

I mentioned in my other posts that finally Canada (Toronto specifically) has a Illamasqua counter in The Bay department stores! I have been so delighted because I finally get to see the products and actually play with them, versus gamble and order online.
I have a beautiful lip gloss from Illamasqua called Boost and it is a iridescent purple that is very unique to my lip gloss stash.
I get the most compliments about this amazing lip colour paired over purple lipstick so decided to purchase the matching lipstick to it called Underworld.

Information About Underworld:

  • Underworld is a iridescent violet colour 
  • This lipstick can be purchased at, Sephora,  and The Bay (varied locations please google)
  • Retails for $30 CAD at Sephora and $24 CAD at The Bay (The Bay sells Illamasqua cheaper then Sephora)

  • Here are my thoughts on Underworld:
    • Underworld goes on the lips extremely sheer and is very hard to layer over for the ideal coverage 
    • The lipstick applies very patchy and emphasizes any spots and fine lines on the lips
    • The tube I received had a mouldy like appearance on the lipstick which I was unhappy with
    • The lipstick could work if layered with a thicker gloss, or topped over a deeper shade of lipstick, but I like a lipstick that can be worn on its own
    • I also found the lipstick very drying on the lips and made it very uncomfortable to wear within an hour 
    • The packaging of the lipstick is nice and sleek but you are able to see finger prints all over (not a big deal to me personally)
    • This lipstick can be purchased at, Sephora,  and The Bay (varied locations please google)
    • I returned this lipstick to the counter a week later because I was quite unhappy with it overall, but will probably try some of Illamasqua's other lipsticks in the future
    • I was so disappointed in the lipstick that I didn't take a picture I though worthy of it but there are many examples online

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