Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Beyond Excited: The Toronto IMATS

November has arrived with a blink of an eye.
Aside from the pesky Canadian winter, the dark mornings and early evenings, and winter preparations I am excited because the IMATS are coming back to Toronto!
The IMATS stands for International Makeup Artist Trade show and will be hosted by the Metro Toronto Convention centre November 9th & 10th 2013!
This trade show is the for not only makeup artists but makeup enthusiasts such as myself.
The trade show allows you to shop for makeup brands that are hard to find on the ground, introduces new innovative brands that are coming out, see top makeup artists speak and lend advice on getting started in the industry, as well as get discounted makeup from some of the biggest companies of beauty.
The IMATS are very exciting, I have been 2 years in a row and enjoyed the atmosphere and learning about my favourite subject: Beauty
 IMATS are in other major cities such as New York, LA, London, Vancouver and Sydney and each carry different vendors lines so check your local listings if you are in any of those areas.

Just some pointers if you plan on attending IMATS this year or in the future:

  • Purchase your tickets on IMATS website! Unfortunately I already missed the early bird special, however I will be getting the next batch of tickets. Paying at the door is more costly and the event could sell out as well. When you purchase online it also saves you a lot of time at the event and allows you to get your IMAT experience popping ASAP! (Whoop whooooppp)
  • Go to the Saturday show if possible and arrive EARLY.  You know what they say: early bird catches the worm, and that ain't a lie. The earlier you come the more you can look around peacefully (for a bit) you can get your hands on the hottest items (which tend to get sold out quickly) and you can navigate your way a bit more peacefully through the vendors. 
  • Visit the big vendors first! OCC, Mac Pro, Makeup Forever etc sell out the quickest, and have the craziest lines. Also bring a list because it cuts down on the time you stand there deciding on what products you wish to have.
  • Also bring Cash (plenty of it) there is no interact, and very little vendors have credit card terminals! Remember it is a trade show (they operate like the olden days people) Last year I brought some cash and had to go hunt down a bank outside and wasn't impressed! 
  • Bring your camera! There are cool exhibits, models in the makeup competition, and you may bump into some cool personalities. Last year I met TheQueenOfBlending from YouTube. I love her and have been following her for years!!
  • Wear comfy shoes, a light jacket, and take a small purse! This isn't the club or a fashion show ladies and gentleman. Yes your face should be BEAT. However your 8 inch stilettos will get played out hour one in the Crown Brush line. Your thick winter jacket will have you getting heat exhaustion, and your huge purse will feel like weight after hours. Dress wisely. Cute and comfy I say!
  • Take a list of the booths you wish to see ( it can get so overwhelming once you are inside) and jot down the times of the seminars and classes you want to see. (Waiting in line for 45 minutes for eyeshadow and missing a key speaker is very annoying trust me)
  • Tissue, makeup wipes, mirrors, and hand sanitizer is also good since you will be swatching products and trying to make quick decisions.
  • Have fun! Network, talk to people, participate in seminars, see as many vendors as possible. Take in the experience

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