Friday, November 1, 2013

Late to the Party: Real Technique Core Brush Review

Living in Toronto and being a beauty addict sometimes can be difficult.
We have all the beauty shops you can imagine, big department stores that cater to the masses, and can order what we want online to stay in the loop with our friends over the boarder, however sometimes I wish I could walk in a store and see all items for myself (sure every woman in every country wishes this).
As a YouTube junkie I constantly get bombarded with hot product on the market and sometimes have a hard time getting my paws on them easily.
I adore the Pixiwoo sisters on YouTube and have been watching their videos for years. The Pixiwoo sisters do makeup tutorials and talk about fave products and are real down to earth ladies from the UK.
Samantha Chapman (the eldest sister) released affordable makeup brushes called Real Techniques and finally Wal-mart Canada brought them in store (tears).

Some Basic Info on the Brushes:

  • These brushes can be purchases in Wal-mart (Canada & US),,  Real,  Ulta, Target (US), Kohl's, Wegmans, Boots, Priceline, Fedco, etc (The Real Techniques website details the stores they can be purchased in) 
  • This core collection retails for $18 CAD at Wal-mart Canada
  • The collection comes with 4 full size brushes and a case that can be neatly folded and carried
  • Within the kit there is a detailer brush, a pointed foundation brush, buffing brush, and a contour brush
  • The brushes are synthetic and cruelty free

Left to Right: Contour Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush, and Buffing Brush

My thoughts on the Brushes:

  • The brushes are worth every dime plus more to me personally
  • They are very sturdy, the brushes are extremely soft (similar to brushes made with animal hair)
  • Each brush is lightweight and sturdy with a unique long aluminum pharaoh 
  • The detailer brush can be used to apply concealer in small spots or under eyes, as well as can double as a brush to apply lipstick, or detailed work on the lids of your eyes
  • The pointed foundation brush I personally find too small to apply foundation but I use it to apply concealer to my under eye area or spots on the face
  • The contour brush is excellent to apply a light natural looking contour to the hallows of the cheeks as well as apply highlight to the cheekbones
  • The buffing blush is excellent and works well with liquid foundation to provide a airbrush application to the face and buff in product effortlessly! Hands down my fave in the collection
  • For such a great price I will be purchasing another set for my freelancing kit in the future
  • I am glad I finally gave into the hype and purchased these brushes because they are very nice for the price and are worth more then their selling price
  • The brushes wash very well with mild soap/cleaner and dry very quickly
  • I have washed them 3x's and found no shedding or mis-shaped brushes (whoop whoop!)
  • I am hoping that Wal-Mart Canada gets some more of the line because there are many that are sold in singles that get rave reviews
  • PS. I have slowly seen them in Marhsall's and Winners as well!!!! (Same price though) 
  • Overall a great buy and great brushes

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