Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bare it All: Phillips Bikini Perfect Hair Electronic Precision Trimmer

Alright ladies lets face it hair anywhere aside from our head and brows are quite annoying and we as woman go through so much hardships removing hair. Whether it be shaving, waxing,  or using Nair the goal is to remove it and have smooth buttery skin that is touchable.
I will admit I am very hairy! Like hairrryyy! I need to shave all the time, I pluck all the time, and Nair bottles used to just seem like they disappeared into thin air and I despised the smell!
My skin also always gets ingrown hair and shaving bumps that are annoying as hell when I shave, and I'm a big chicken to go and let any woman wax my cricks and crannies so have had to create my own method of easy home hair removal.
Now that I'm older the inhalation of Nair, and hour shower sessions to remove hair are tired and I have yet again invested in my now third electronic hair remover.
I always seem to find one I like and within less then a year they die from being over worked.
This time I did a little homework and went into Target and purchased the Phillips Bikini Perfect Hair Electronic Precision trimmer and so far so good!

  • has a gentle trimmer that is precise and removes hair gently and painless from the bikini area and privates
  • has a plastic comb that is hygienic and easy to clean
  • can be used wet or dry (in and out of the shower)
  • is cordless and comes with a charger (charge lasts for up to 60 mins)
  • can adjust hygienic combs for it to trim at different lengths
  • easy to clean by using warm water and a soft wash cloth 
  • plastic comb can be easily removed for closer shaving
  • small and light weight so easy to bring on vacation/ over night stays
So far I have used to it trim my bikini line and shave under my arms and I have been impressed.
I was sceptical of the blades getting the job done with the plastic combs but it actually shaves quickly and painlessly.  
Also It left my skin feeling smooth and soft and didn't cause any irritation to my skin, which usually happens when I shave. 

Few Tips when using a Electronic Trimmer:

  • It is a good idea to exfoliate the skin a a little prior to shaving so that the skin has a smooth base to work with and that generally causes little to no irritation on the skin.
  • Using soap or a light body wash in the under arm region as well as the bikini line is the most helpful. 
  • Reviewing shavers on accredited websites and beauty blogs is the best idea when deciding what to choose. 

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