Thursday, May 23, 2013

Soft Feet and Toes: Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment

For the last few months I have had an obsession with Bath and Body works and have  been buying products like crazy. As most of my obsessions take there course and wear of this one has done the same. 
I have reviewed a few other products from some of my purchases and picked up Cracked Heel Treatment but did not really try it out and sort of forgot I even purchased it (crazy I know). 
Officially summer time weather is here in Toronto so that means sandal time baby!
 I have been prepping my feet like they are going to the feet Olympics but still noticed the harsh winter and neglect they faced in winter still left a little ashy part of the feet that just will not go away no matter how much I scrub and exfoliate. 
I am a nerdy woman I will admit because even after I buy something (maybe the beauty product hoarder remorse in me) I will see what reviews say about an item and see how people are using the product. I have read about this product on a few different review sites and have read nothing but stellar comments. 
A few weeks ago I dug in my big paper Bath and Body works bag and found it and started using it and put it on before bed time with some tube socks. When I woke up in the morning I thought WOW this product is a little miracle  It is a little lotion looking cream but it really makes feet so soft and so smooth! This is a holy grail point blank and period. 
This cream contains glycolic acid to erase dry patches of skin and also has Shea Butter to hydrate and smooth. The thing I love about this product is that on top of it having a very pretty scent, it can be used on knees and elbows the nourish them and provide moisture! This does all that minus the sticky, oily mess. 
The tub the treatment comes in is very small and this was on of the reasons I was very hesitant to purchase the $15 CAD item but it is worth every penny and more! You don't have to use much to get results either so I know this will last a while. 
Overall ladies please don't get caught slipping this summer with ashy elbows and knee caps. This is a product that you should give a try or get samples of in store. 

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