Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MAC Studio Moisture Tint: Review Fail!

The first time I was in the market for a tinted moisturizer I went to my beloved MAC and purchased one. I felt like I wanted a product that had a nice amount of coverage but still wasn't as thick and heavy as a foundation. In truth I hardly wore foundation so I didn't need anything covered I just wanted to look alive, and have my face one solid color.
In truth I have had a love hate relationship with this product. Here are a few findings I have had with this moisture tint:

  • The tinted moisturizer is a creamy thick texture that applies smoothly to the face with the use of fingers or a foundation/buffing brush.
  • Provides a slightly dewy finish upon application
  • I found although it says to be a light coverage it felt a little heavier on my face then I would like
  • I also noted that it would break me out in spots on my cheeks and forehead
  • It is great because you don't need to moisturize face prior to usage (Saves time)
  • Provides natural look on the face
  • Has a strange scent (Rubbery and odd)
  • Has limited color range (Only 7 shades)
  • Wears for hours without reapplication on the face
  • Transfers onto collars and clothing (Dammit)
  • Retails for $40 CAD and can be purchased on Mac's website or in store

I have had this product for awhile and just have retired it to my kit because it just doesn't work with my skin. I wanted it to work because there are more pros's then con's with this moisturizer but because it makes me break out I just have to move on from it. When I use it on clients/friends it looks so good and suits several different skin tones without looking ashy or obvious. 
I personally believe it is a good product just not for me and for that I have to give my love hate moisturizer a fail. 
I still suggest if you are looking for a tinted moisturizer to get a sample from Mac and test it out to see how it works out for you and if your like the product before you invest in it. 
In its place I have been using my Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer and really enjoy it. I had a blog post for that so check it out!

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