Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dazzling Eyes: My Essential Eye Brushes

The day I stepped into college and took a cosmetic course is the day I became obsessed with make up brushes.
 I have many obsessions but this one is the obsession I add too sporadically and realize this is the tool in your makeup kit that is the  most crucial.
I now try to purchase only brushes that have multi uses and help me anytime I am in a jam to get perfection on my face. 
I own many brushes and although I have many that serve purposes unknown to even myself the owner I realize in my years that I mainly rely solely on seven brushes. 
If I had to rid of all my brushes that I use on my eyes and pick few to live with these would be my ride or dies, my holy grails, my down for whatever brushes (I know I'm extreme). 
Left to Right: Eye Liner Brush, Eye shader Brush, Blending Brush,  Fluff Brush,  Angled Brush, Crease Blush,  Medium Shadow Blender Brush

These brushes create the looks that I want and are very helpful with my day to day eye looks:

  • Eye Liner Brush: Is a synthetic fine tipped eyeliner brush that allows for precise application. Great for applying liquid or gel eyeliners. If you have a steady hand or are a beginner due to the brush being stiff you have more control over application, and it allows for the great winged eye/cat eye effect (Mac 209 brush $22.50 CAD)
  • Eye Shader Brush: A tapered rounded brush that allows for intense color to the eyelid. Great for packing on product and applying eyeshadow to the eye. Also good to shade or blend eye shadows. I love this brush because it packs on color with little effort. (Mac 239 $30.00 CAD)
  • Blending Brush: Great for shading, blending, adding shadows to the crease. Helps to seamlessly blend eye shadows together and create seamless looks. Fluffy and domed shaped blending brushes are the way to go! This is my favourite eye brush of all time because it really is the magic maker. (Mac 217 $27.50 CAD)
  • Fluff Brush: This brush is also great for packing on eyeshadow to the lids. I tend to use this to add highlighter to my tear ducks because it fits into small crevices  Great for woman with smaller eyes. (Mac 213 $27.50 on website, mine was in a holiday tin)
  • Angled brush: Great for applying liner on the top or bottom lid effortlessly. Also great for adding eyeshadow to the eyebrows for shape. Densely packed hair allows for picking up a lot of product and disrupting  I mainly use for eyebrows and find it really helps with filling them in. (Crown Brush: $3.50 CAD)
  • Crease Brush: Tapered crease brush that adds color to the crease to sculpt out the shape of the eye and provide depth on the eyelid. Also blends away any harsh lines. (Crown Brush: 2.50 CAD)
  • Medium Shadow Blender: Is a large fluffy brush used to pack on eyeshadow on the lid as well as blend colours out. I primarily use this to apply shadow to my large eyelids and it picks up a lot of color well. (I have had this for ages so can not remember what store it came from but all brush companies carry similar brushes)
These are my favourite brushes used for my eyeshadow application and  I am sure I will eventually add a few more to my collection. 
When deciding on what eyeshadow brushes to buy think of the products that you currently use a lot (pigments, eye shadows, gel, liquids etc) and decide what will work best for you. For example synthetic brushes are great for liquid and cream products, whereas brushes made from animal hair are great for powder and pigment products. 
Think of your eye size and shape and purchase brushes that will fit your eye well and allow for you to create the looks you are looking for.
Quality is king in my books and investing in decent brushes that will last you for years is really the best way to go. There is no point in purchasing cheap brushes that will fall apart and allow for poor application if you are trying to build your collection. All brushes do not have to be "high end brands" but getting the best you can afford should be the goal and upgrading when you get the opportunity is the best.
There are many different brush brands that I have used in the past and would personally recommend if you are starting to purchase brushes, or are interested in upgrading your current stash :
  • MAC
  • Crown Brushes
  • Sigma
  • Bdellium
  • Hakuhodo
  • Quo
  • Sephora
  • Sonia Kashuck
  • Sedona Lace 

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