Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cracked and Dry Hands to Go: Soap and Glory Hand Food Review

There is always a time of the month I become obsessed with a product line, and go hunting and researching it down to the core!
Soap and Glory was that product line and I was excited that Shoppers Drug Mart
(Canadian Drugstore) started carrying the line and had some points I could redeem and save on items in store.
I have heard so much hype on Soap and Glory's Hand food lotion and decided to buy the small version for my purse to keep my ashy hands at bay.
My skin has been so dry as winter is approaching with quickness and was excited to try this lotion out.

Some information about Hand Food:

  • Soap and Glory's hand food is said to be a non greasy hydrating hand cream
  • Contains Shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow
  • Is sold in two different sizes 50 ml and 125 ml ( I purchased the 50ml)
  • Can be purchased at Shoppers Drug mart for $5 CAD (50ml) $10 CAD (125ml)
My Personal Thoughts on Soap and Glory's Hand Food lotion:
  • The cream has very good ingredients that I enjoy and are known to be nourishing to the skin
  • The smell is absolutely beautiful and is long lasting
  • I do not like the consistency of the lotion it appears thick from the tube but feels watery and does not nourish my dry hands
  • The product is not greasy at all so might be better used for summer when I do not need as much moisture
  • The small size packaging is very useful to tuck in my purse
  • Overall I will not be purchasing this lotion, I need something more nourishing with a thicker consistency

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