Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tahitian Treat: Monoi Tiki Tahiti Review

  I love to research new products, I mean LOVE to research them, and when I overheard a blogger mention the use of Monoi oil (moh-NOY is how it is pronounced) my Carmen Sandiego search commenced.
Let me provide some background on this product and why it sparked my interest!
  It is said that the beautiful ladies of Polynesia use monoi oil to moisturize and condition their beautiful long locks and skin for centuries and the unique blend of ingredients within the oil is what is said to be beneficial with keeping hair healthy, shiny, and beautiful.
I personally went through tons of articles, blogs, and information about the oil since I was quite unfamiliar with it.
Monoi oil's claim to fame is that it contains immense soothing and moisturizing properties, and have been used by Polynesian woman for centuries.
I will provide more detailed information as well as my personal thoughts on this product I adore.

Information on Monoi Tiki Tahiti Oil

  • According to the website, monoi oil is a unique blend of cosmetic grade coconut oil, tiare flower (a Tahitian gardenia flower) and vitamin E
  • There are no preservatives, or animal products added 
  • The handpicked tiare flower is placed into the monoi oil to add a beautiful scent to the product (soaked in for 15 days)
  • The tiare flower is said to slowly release their unique properties and legendary virtues into the coconut oil
  • There are several scents of monoi oil sold: the original monoi tiki taire, ylang ylang, coco coconut, vanilla, santal sandalwood etc
  • Monoi is commonly used among Polynesians as a skin and hair softener
  • There are many monoi oils on the market however authentic monoi oils follow a very strict manufacturing code that supervises the entire process from handpicking the tiare flowers to storage and shipping of the final product. 
  • There is an official Appellation d'Origine seal on every Monoi product
  • Monoi oil retails for $14 CAD
  • Contains 120ml of oil in each bottle
  • Can be purchased at, at some natural health food stores, and Honeyfig (Toronto)
My Personal Thoughts:

  • The smell of this product is absolutely divine and leaves a sweet smell in your hair for days (I have purchased the Vanilla scent)
  • Even though it comes in a small bottle it lasts for a long time because very little product is actually needed to coat ends of hair
  • The actual tiare flower is in the bottle floating around 
  • After washing and conditioning hair I add monoi oil after my moisturizer has been applied to seal the ends of my hair
  • I also will use the oil sparingly when my hair is dry and I am braiding/twisting it for the night
  • I also will add it sparingly to my hair throughout the week
  • I have used monoi oil not only in my hair (which it keeps moisturized) as well as on my skin in the winter months (does wonders to keep skin hydrated)
  • I stick to the original brand of monoi because of the product ingredients (no preservatives)
  • The coconut usually gets solid (in the packaging) in the winter/spring time so I let it sit in a bowl of warm water to melt down the product
  • I have found it has helped reduce split ends when used consistently and adds shine and bounce to the hair when used moderately
  • Coconut oil has always helped me throughout my hair journey and this is like a step up from regular coconut oil
  • Too much of the monoi oil can weigh down hair and make it feel and look greasy so use moderately 
  • I absolutely recommend this product to any woman that wants to improve the condition of their hair

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