Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sugar, Sugar! Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub Review

I never have been one to jump on a bandwagon, however since I have started reading and contributing to blogs, and watching youtube and creating my own I have become TOO aware of various brands and products people rave about and love.
I feel like I have become "About that Life" of needing to find the BEST of THE BEST and it can make your pockets extra weak and empty lol.
Anyhow another brand and hype that has caught my attention is Soap and Glory!
It is now finally available in Canada and I have tried a few of their products out and will be honest thus far I have been disappointed.
I am thee exfoliation queen because I have been "blessed" with dry, non smooth skin so I searched high and low for Soap and Glory's sugar crush body scrub. I have heard nothing but positive comments about this product and only some Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacies sell it.
I was hoping and praying that it would replace my Lush Ocean Salt scrub because it cost $35 CAD and I use it a couple times a week and shelling out the $40 was getting tiring and painful.
It looks like I will be on that Lush diet forever! :(
I will go over some information about Sugar Crush and my thoughts.

Some information about Sugar Crush Body Scrub:

  • Sugar crush is a scrub that can be used to scrub dead skin off the body
  • Sugar crush can be used 1-3 time a week in the shower
  • This product is infused with lime, sparkling lemons, vanilla musk, almond oil, macadamia oil, sea salts, crushed brown sugar, and glycerin (EXCELLENT)
  • It is said to leave dry skin feeling smooth and subtle
  • It is also suppose to work great on dry patches on elbows, feet, and knees
  • Can be purchased on, Sephora (US website), Boots (UK), and Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada), etc
  • Retails for $20 CAD

My personal thoughts on Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub:
  • Sugar crush has a beautiful sweet lime smell that lasts for hours after you come out the shower
  • The scrub comes in a reasonable size tub of 500 ml
  • I like the fact that it is sold in my local pharmacy/drug store, so easy to attain
  • The ingredient list is absolutely marvellous 
  • Personally I am not in love with the actual consistency of the product, it is a paste I find challenging to use
  • I tend to lean to scrubs that are very gritty because I have a lot of rough dry patches on my skin
  • As winter approaches and my skin gets drier I already know this formulation will not be strong enough
  • This formulation may be great for people with sensitive skin, or people who do not like very gritty scrubs
  • I also find that the paste/product gets all over the tub and leaves salt everywhere
  • Aside from the beautiful smell I really don't feel a difference on my skin after each use
  • I will not be repurchasing this product and am disappointed 

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