Sunday, March 31, 2013

Inexpensive Blush: LA Femme

Counter clockwise: Magenta,  Russet, Purple passion, Cinnabar, Bordeaux

Alright folks I am giving you some insider information about blushes that I have found that are spectacular and a steal if you ask me. Now I am a blush girl, it really awakes the face and adds a nice glow. I know some feel like blush is something for old ladies or it isn't for them, but at least one or two colours added to your collection will add some glow to the face. I have a collection of Mac blushes, and Nars blushes, and though they are are my favourite by far out of all brands, when I came across La Femme blushes I was in love. I came across these blushes from some of my favourite guru's on you tube I was excited to order and give them a try. These blushes are $3.50 each (no typo) and they are pigmented, and comparable to high end blushes. Now ladies if you have lighter skin tones don't be afraid because a light hand can be used to achieve a natural pretty look. It is all about the tools used and building blush on the cheek to get your desired look. Try some daring colours and you will see the difference it makes in making the face look awake. For my darker ladies blush can make a huge difference on the face and beautiful burgundy colours and bright orange colours will be your best choices (although darker sisters are not limited to colours as long as they are not ashy/chalky). So don't be afraid to give some a try and play with some color. Applying blush to the apples of the cheek and towards the hairline with a light hand is the best application. I will put a face chart to show application and best practices depending on the shape of your face. I ordered these 5 blushes off a website called: and they arrived to me in Canadian postage in about 2 weeks and where bubble wrapped securely in the box. I was so excited because I really shocked me in terms of the quality and feel and was impressed. Here is a list of the blushes that I ordered off the website:

Top Left to Right: Cinnabar, Purple passion, Bordeaux
Bottom Left to Right: Magenta, Russet

Cinnabar:  A light brown with a orange undertone 
Purple Passion: A deeply pigmented purple with a blue undertone (stunning on dark skin)
Bordeaux: A rich burgundy color with small flecks of glitter (my favourite) 
Magenta: A beautiful magenta with a pink undertone (stunning on dark skin)
Russet: A bright pigmented orange that is completely matte


  1. Love La Femme too but these are new to me & I want them all :-)

    1. You should definitely try out a few! they are like 3 bucks each and work great like some of the high end brands!


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