Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purchase Fail :Lush Passionate Liquid Lipstick

      I used to be a impulse shopper, until adult life kicked in with bills, headaches, and limited money. To the naked eye I may seem excessive and I will admit I can be but I have improved by miles. With that said I was in Lush and determined to grab my one item and speed out without falling into temptation, but the sweet overly helpful teenager probably working on some type of commission instantly noticed my love of bright lipstick and clothes. She persuaded me to buy this liquid lipstick called Passionate and bragged on and on about how beautiful it would be on me. I hesitantly listened to what she was saying and she did a swatch to show me the color on her hand and before I knew it I had purchased two items. Needless to say I love a new lippie so went home and was content. 
I usually try not to purchase without going to the beauty bibles (blogs, youtube etc etc) and usually for good reason because I usually end up a little disappointed. This purchase made me sad. The color is a beautiful two toned purple pink, with a doe-foot applicator used for application. The lipstick dries to a matte finish and stains the lip for quite awhile. My problem with the lippie is that is is extremely drying. I figured because it was a vegan product that contains jojoba oil that it would feel nice and leave a nice feel on the lips, but I was wrong. My lips felt like they needed to be exfoliated and a 911 call for a heavy dose of Carmex lip-balm to sooth the dry spell cast on my mouth. That product is a fail in my books. At $18.95 CAN a pop I should be in awe as far as I'm concerned and that I am not. 
       Ladies and gents do not feel afraid to do a swift return if the item is not up to par with you. I have no time to collect dust on a lipstick that I am not in love with and don't intend to start. I tried playing with this lipstick and tried to pair it with lipgloss and a lip balm under, but I shouldn't have to play so hard with a product to make it work for me it just makes no sense. If you are interested in picking it up and giving it a try your local Lush store has it. Just please do not be a sucker like me and get coax into buying an unplanned item. 
Have you tried this product  and had a different experience? Is there a simular product that you think readers should give a try? Comment down below and let us know!

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