Friday, March 29, 2013

Eye Shadow: Maybelline Color Tattoo

Back in the day when I first got in the "make up game" I was obsessed with eyeshadows. I took Fashion Arts in college and we had a makeup application course. That course was in fact the start of my makeup addiction. In this class we had to apply different looks on our peers and where marked by our teacher (a makeup artist) on how well we followed her instructions. I alway ended up teaming up with my class mate Holly. Holly was a pretty blonde girl that was a little on the slower side in truth, but we teamed up because we had no plans at the time to go into makeup and did not want to use our makeup on all our peers. Some looks we where assigned to do where colorful and needed a little pick me up to show up on me well and the instructor used to advise Holly to use a eyeshadow base or a cream eyeshadow.(Holly was often baffled on the fact colours would show up at all on my black skin at all) but they worked really well and I would get endless compliments as I would carry on with the rest of my day (caked faced with makeup and outlandish eye looks) Cream eyeshadows are now something I really enjoy using and are a must when I am using bold eyeshadow colours.
   Maybelline released Color Tattoos which are cream eyeshadows in some of the prettiest colors ever! These can be found at any drug store and I purchased mine at Walmart. They retail for $6.99 in store and a lot of the time they are on sale. The colours I own are: Pomegranate Punk, Painted Purple, and Bold Gold. They can be applied with your fingers or a brush and can be used either as a base under eyeshadows to make the colours pop, or used all alone to provide a beautiful wash over the eye.
Left to Right: Pomegranate punk, Painted Purple, Bold Gold
Left to Right: Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk
  •    Pomegranate punk: Is a red based burgundy color with a little bit of shimmer in it (not overbearing) it applies smoothly on the eye and lasts for hours with no re application needed. It is quite pigmented as well!
  •   Painted purple:  Is a violet/blue/purple that has a hint of sparkle within it. It also applies smoothly but sometimes as you apply you will notice little gaps so may need to layer it to get the desired look. Although I don't believe it preforms well on its own I love it as a base when I am wearing purple eyeshadows because it makes them pop! It also lasts very long on the eye.
  • Bold Gold: is a dark gold and is extremely shimmery. I would say it is my least favourite out of the ones I own because the shimmer looks a bit harsh on the eye. The consistency is a bit lumpy as well, but works pretty good as a base under a gold eyeshadow (and thats how I use it because it will not be going to waste)
    Top to Bottom: Painted Purple, Bold Gold, Pomegranate Punk
All in all there are a few more shades I will be picking up. These are reasonably priced and easy to get at all drug stores I have been to. I think a must try for anyone who loves eyeshadow.
Have you tried out any of these shadows? Are there any colours that you think I need to try and am sleeping on? Comment below! Also any simular products you recommend?   

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