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Purple Haze : Lipsticks & Lip Gloss

I have an addiction. The first step to any addiction is admitting you have a problem and owning it. So I will admit I have a clear cut addiction to lipsticks. Anyone that knows me will say you have an addiction to many things: clothes, food, spending in general! Yes I do, but nothing gets me weaker then some lipstick. The funny part about the addiction is that when I first got into the makeup game I thought  lipstick was a item older woman wore, and I was young! As long as my lip gloss was popping and eyes had some bright eyeshadow on I was made. I was really wrong. I do not know when it happened or how it took place, but one day I purchased a lipstick and never looked back. I have made it a job of mine to find the best shades for my skin tone and finding ways to alter colours that may be a bit too bright and bold for my liking. So I can write a longer speech on my addiction but I know that would be dull. The sun is here, the warmer weather is teasing my Canadian bred soul and I am trying to get *turnt up* so I am dumping the vampy darker lip shades I was rocking in the winter and on trend for 2013! Purple lips are going to be big this year. For me personally they where always big, but bold colours are going to make a come back. I sorted through my lipstick vault and pulled out a few colours that I think will suit varying skin tones and would be a great addition to a collection.
From Left to Right: MAC-Outrageously Fun, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Hocchie, Maybelline Color sensational-Hot Plum, MAC- Violetta
From Left to Right: MAC-Outrageously Fun, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics- Hocchie, Maybelline Color sensational-Hot Plum, MAC- Violetta, MAC MAC Funtabulous Dazzelglass, Sephora Black Energy

  • Each lipstick varies in tone and finish but are absolutely stunning. MAC Outrageously Fun is from a limited addition Glamour Daze collection and may be difficult to find in stores, but MAC has a similar lipstick Candy Yum Yum that has been added to the permanent collection. Candy Yum Yum is a hot pink in color but with a purple lip liner the same look can be achieved. A major difference is that Candy Yum Yum is a matte shade so will be much drier. Outrageously Fun is described as a blue based magenta pink and has a beautiful amplified texture that allows for a smooth feel upon application on the lips. If you can get your hands on this at a Estee Lauder sale, or eBay I say grab it! 
  • Obsessive Compulsive cosmetics (OCC for my poor fingers) is a vegan brand that I was introduced to by blog life. This by far is the one shade I put on and men and woman always ask me what I am wearing. (I squirm and blush and reply hocchie- always makes me feel embarrassed) but it is stunning. It is described as a vibrant magenta and really it just leaves me speechless, it is a head turner and I feel it would suit anyone of any complexion period! It is a liquid lipstick, so it must be used with a lip brush or you will be very upset at the stains you are walking around town with. A little goes a long way so do NOT apply it like a lip gloss (I beg you)lip tars as they are called (and no tar is in these) can be found in Sephora, as well as there is a store in the Mississauga area that sells them (ask me if you need details)truly, truly greatness. 
  • Now folks please do not sleep on Maybelline next time you are in the drug store. They are truly going hard this year, and they are saving me some dollars at the till as well! They have released color sensational lipsticks and the variation and pigmentation are enough to get me skipping down the isle in a Wal-mart! Hot plum is a moisturizing, deeply pigmented shade that also stands out and really makes me feel like summer is 2 steps away. It does have a slight scent to it, so if you are particular about those short of things please be weary. The packaging is slightly bulky but aside from that I think it is a steal and very comparable with high end lipsticks as well. Wal-mart, Target, Shoppers Drug Marts etc these can be found. Any drug store essentially. My last and this I will vouch is my favourite lipstick from MAC of all time. (Do I say everything is my favourite?) but for real people this is my favourite hands down, sign sealed and delivered. MAC Violetta it is described as a Violet purple with some shimmer in it. It may look vampy and it can be if you make it, but the shimmer allows for it to be fun and flirty even in the spring and summer. Layered under some gloss can turn this multi season lipstick into a winner for the spring/summer. This can only be found in the MAC pro store. (for my peeps in the Toronto area- Queen Street) I feel like this shade should really just be permanent all MAC stores but I guess they are trying to make it exclusive which is such a shame because it is one of their best in my opinion. I am a true fan of layering and making my lipstick pop and shine. Two lip-glosses that help me achieve that when wearing a purple lip are: MAC- Dazzleglass in Funtabulous and Sephora lip gloss in Black energy. Do not be shy this season and try some purples out. You will not be disappointed. 

From Left to Right: Sephora Black Energy, MAC Funtabulous Dazzelglass
Are there any other purple lipsticks you suggest readers check out? Do you have questions about different liners and applications? Do you have any questions about any of the products I have mentioned? Comment down below and let me know!

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