Thursday, March 28, 2013

Va-va-voom: Red Lipsticks

Every single woman should own a red lipstick that expresses her sultry, femine side. Red lipsticks are flirty and fun and really add some flair. As long as it is paired with a fresh face you are all set. Try to keep your eye shadow very neutral and simple and allow for the lipstick to be the main focus on the face. I had been searching for the perfect red lip for the longest time and struggled to find a lipstick that suited me. I felt like all of them made me look like I was trying too hard, or look slightly clownish. I also tried out a few and they had this orangy tinge to them that I could not stand. For woman of color sticking with blue based red lipsticks tends to be the most complimentary and tends to look sophisticated so definitely go to the store and try out a few.
Wet&Wild- Cherry picking, Wet&Wild-Spot light Red #911D, Mac-Ruby Woo, Mac Ronnie Red, Lime Crime-Present

Lucky for us consumers there are many different brands we can go consider on our hunt for the perfect red lips that come at different price points. 

  • Spot light Red #911D is a bright cherry red that applies very smoothly to the lips and is beautiful for woman of color
  • Cherry picking is my favourite because it has a beautiful pink/red colouring and is very moisturizing on the lips and wears for up to 6 hours. 
  •  Ruby Woo is just stunning on the lightest of skin to the darkest of skin, the only flaw I will point out is that Ms Woo is extremely drying and it is a MUST ladies that you exfoliate your lips prior and apply a good balm first, or you will look crazy on the streets. 
  • Ronnie Red which is a limited addition collection from Mac that launched early this year in the Archie's Girls collection. Ronnie is a pink-red with a blue base and is matte, it is very comfy and does not leave the lips dry.
  • I tried a new brand(for me) Lime Crime which is a vegan based cosmetic company the lip gloss is called Present and has a beautiful sparkle in it that goes well topped over a lipstick
  • Mac's Wicked ways is a limited edition lipgloss from The Venomous Villains collection that is opaque and applies beautifully over lipsticks and allows for a pretty shine over a matte lipstick.

Mac-Wicked ways, Lime Crime-Present, Mac Ronnie Red, Mac-Ruby Woo, Wet &Wild -Spot light Red #911D, Wet&Wild Cherry picking

Mac-Wicked ways, Lime Crime-Present, Mac Ronnie Red, Mac-Ruby Woo, Wet &Wild -Spot light Red #911D, Wet&Wild Cherry picking

The trick with lipstick is using a liner that will be complimentary.  A dark brown or a red lipliner will either tone down the lipstick or keep the lipstick from bleeding outside the lips. Also applying the lipsticks with a lip-brush is helpful due to red lipstick having the tendency to be a little messy. 
Will you be trying more red lipsticks for the upcoming months? Is there a red lipstick that you think readers should know about? Do you have any questions about application or liners that go well with red lipsticks? Please comment down below!

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  1. Makes me want to wear my red lipstick I have tucked away.


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