Friday, March 29, 2013

Bronzed Goddess: Lorac TANtalizer Baked Bronzer

     Ladies we are getting closer and closer to summer I can just feel it in my bones. Mother nature is playing with my heart as she wakes me up to sunny days and milder weather. I am preparing for summer time as if it will never come again. This long dreary winter- I am over it! Now to get right to business! I am a sucker for a highlight, I mean one of those ones when you turn your head BAM you are glowing like a halo is over your head.I do own other highlighters and bronzers that I may review later on, but I yet to find one that gives me so much "LIFE" then Lorac TANtalizer. I know sisters you are thinking Tanta-wait-lizer why would a sister need a tan? I know the name might be a bit funny, but when I say this provides just the right amount of shimmer and glimmer you need? This is no joke. 
    The colour is a rich terracotta/ gold, which applies with a light shimmer (minus the harsh sparkles)and provides a radiance that comes across natural on the face. It can be applied to the cheekbones, cupid's bow, decollete (neck and chest area), cheeks, to highlight the eyebrow you name it! For lighter skins woman you may want to test it out because it may look too shimmery, but for medium to darker skin tones this will look absolutely gorgeous. The wear on this bronzer is between 6-8 hours so I do not have to reapply. A little goes a tremendous way so this product is guaranteed to last for a very long time. This bronzer is also magnificent when worn over your favourite blush as well.
   The bronzer comes with a brush that is located at the very bottom of the packaging, which makes for great use during travel.
   Lorac has made this product without sulfates, and synthetic fragrances so it is very gentle on the skin. I am always glad when I see a company is paying attention to the ingredients they have us putting on our face.The packaging says you can dampen the product due to it being mineralized, one day I will try that but I have concerns of it being overkill. 
   Ladies this is a must for the summer months, because there is nothing better then some bronzed goddess skin as we have some fun in the sun!
Is this a product that intrests you to try for the summer? Are there bronzers that you love and think are worth readers checking out? Please comment below and let me know!!


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