Saturday, March 30, 2013

Let those eyes Pop Girl: Urban Decay: The Dangerous Pallette

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette: The Dangerous Palette
In terms of eye shadows I generally stick with my MAC palettes that I have over the years but I have been wanting to try something different and heard so much hype over how great Urban Decay eyeshadows are. Anxiously for months I would pop into Sephora and swatch some eye shadows and think they feel ok for me and are nothing special. One day I was just itching to try something new and exciting. I debated getting cult favorites Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 or 2 but couldn't shell out the $60 for it on the spot. I then noticed the dangerous palette and though let me try these out because the colours are pretty. Now I know what all the hype is about! The eyeshadows are like butter and apply opaque and smooth over the eyes and are very easy to blend out. Very little goes a far stretch when using these because of the massive color payoff and the colours are so vivid even without a base under them. The colours within this palette are jewel toned and there are a couple of neutral tones to play with as well. The good thing which I was unaware of with Urban Decay eyeshadows are that they are sulfate free, paraben free, and synthetic fragrance free as well! This is great because why are we adding harmful ingredients to our precious eyes anyway? This palette is also great for the value at $40 CAD, because one eye shadow alone is $22 CAD! (Crazy right?) Now I am a Urban Decay believer because these are just great. I will describe the colours below.

Left to Right: Evidence, Loaded, Gravity, Deeper, Mushroom.
Above: Ace

  • Gravity: A deep purple with coloured shimmer. Applies very smoothly onto the eyes. Due to the glitter content it is not my most reached for in the bunch (we are on that grown and sexy tip ya'll) This is pretty for a night out. 
  • Loaded:  A exquisite deep emerald green with beautiful shimmer. Applies like a dream. Great for  applying to the outer v of the eye or smoking out the eye and extremely pigmented. 
  • Evidence:  A dark royal blue that I am totally in love with! Again applies smooth and makes great color for the outer v or all over if you are daring!
  • Deeper: Is a dark brown with a bronzy colouring. Appears glittery in pan but looks very beautiful as a neutral- ish shade on the eye. 
  • Mushroom: A shimmery silver/grey that is stunning! Great for holiday parties and the winter time and a unique color on its own.
  • Ace: A dark gray with a blue sparkle in it. Very unique color nothing I have ever seen before and like its other sisters in the palette applies very smooth and very blend-able. 
  • As a treat Urban Decay also threw in a min lip gloss that is a neutral light pink.
Overall I am now a believer and look forward to trying more eye shadows from this company. 

Any questions about the eyeshadows? Have you been trying other brands am amazed? share them! Comment below!

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