Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tropic Isle Leave In Conditioner & Detangler : First Impression

Tropic Isle Living: Leave in Conditioner and Detangler
   I have been asked to share some of the products I use in my hair that have aided me along my hair journey thus far. When I first began my hair journey I will tell you I lived, slept, dreamed hair. It was so brand new to me and so exciting to learn everything about my hair, and how I could go about regrowing it back (I big chopped aka cut off my hair) I would go out and buy nearly anything for my hair, and at times I had so many products sitting in my vanity I couldn't use them fast enough.
   Purchasing a lot of products is something I strongly warn against when you are trying to start improving the health of your hair. One of two things happen: either you are overwhelmed by so many products and do not know what product is working for you, or you have a lot of products that are not working for you and have spent a lot of money. My suggestion is research a shampoo, conditioner, leave in, and styling product that you may what to start using and start with those until you have an idea of how you feel. Keep in mind what works for me, or your friend, or your momma might now work for you as well. With haircare you really must give things a try and see if they are a good fit for YOUR hair.
    Right now I am in the mood to try and experiment with new products from lines I have enjoyed over my few years! My natural hair is extremely thick and very curly and with this comes a wicked forearm and patience of steel when it comes to wash days. I have decided to stick with ingredients and product lines that have really done justice and ones I have seen results with in the past, and that is why I am now trying Tropic Isle leave in Conditioner and Detangler.
I have only been using this product in my hair for the last month but I can give my first impression of the product offhand.

  • It has a very watery consistency (something I'm not exactly fond of)
  • The ingredient list is great: organic aloe juice, Jamaican Castor oil, Shea butter, vitamin E, rosemary, Basil, lavender and black willow bark extract (just to name several)
  • The scent is extremely earthy (by that I mean nearly every ingredient I can smell there is no fragrance added)
  • Has many organic oils and herbal extracts that are shown to help with growth and strength of the hair
  • Works pretty well, leaves hair feeling very soft and moisturized, provides a nice sheen as well
  • Can be found at local discount beauty supplies all over for $23 CAD (price I paid)
All in all I have not used it to detangle my hair as of yet because I have been flat ironing my hair for spring with my hairdresser. I can't wait to see what kinds of results I get and if it aids me with my sessions. I am very fond of natural hair care products, and have noticed a lot of success in terms of growth. So far I enjoy it! 
Are you using any leave in conditioners that you want to share? Do you have any questions about this conditioner or other products? Please comment below! 

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