Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wearing Red Lipstick: Tips and Tricks

   Alright so I posted some of my favourite red lipsticks that I really enjoy and think would suit woman of all shades universally (  I received a lot of questions in terms of application, toning down lipsticks, tricks to make lipsticks suit skin tones as well as prep for red lipsticks. I have many tricks up my sleeve I find work successfully. (The goal is to avoid looking like a hot mess clown on the road ladies) With that said I will go over some of what I have learned. 

  • First and foremost please (if you follow anything I mention please let this be it) always exfoliate your lips! That I would say as a lipstick junkie is the biggest rule of them all. There is nothing worse then seeing chapped, crusty, uneven lips attempt to put on a lip color, especially a bright lip color on top. (
  • Now that we have outlined the most important step next would be to get a very moisturizing lip-balm that really will help with any problems of chapped lips. Carmex, cocoa butter, Fresh sugar, vaseline any of those do the job and really aid with a smooth application of the lipstick. I suggest applying after exfoliating but before placing lipstick on blot some of the balm off with a tissue so that the lipstick doesn't slide off your lips.  
  • Another big tip is the lipliner you are using. Lipliner can tone down a lip color or provide a seamless blend from your lip color  and the lipstick color and can really help a lipstick appear much nicer on the lips. Dark brown, burgundy, eggplant, or a dark red lipliner really help and go well with any red under the red spectrum. 
  • Applying red lipsticks (or darker lipsticks) can be a messy task and sometimes discourages woman from wearing them all together! Applying with a lip-brush provides a lot more control and minimizes the mess that tends to be created applying the lipstick out the tube
  • Also cleaning up any mistakes made around the mouth with concealer helps
  • Another trick is putting your pointer finger in your mouth (that removes any lipstick under the brim of your lips so that you are not stuck with red lipstick on your teeth)
  • Practice makes perfect! Try different liners and applications but don't give up. Blue based lipsticks tend to suit woman with darker skin tones. For woman with lighter skin tones pink based lipsticks and blue based lipsticks also are very nice. 

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