Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair Talk: Creme of Nature Perfect Edges

I can’t be the only person that experiences unruly edges and fly away nappies when I am going for a look of sleek pulled back hair. I do not want to deal with using harsh gel on my hair in all cases and for a woman with natural hair gel tends to make the curls start popping. Curls popping are not a bad thing but when I flat iron my hair I truly do not want that effect. I was in my Beauty hair supply store and was cruising down the isle and found Creme of Nature’s perfect edge on sale for $4! I placed it in my basket and figured I have nothing to loose. Good choice because “honey my hair was laidddd” (in my American neighbor voice). This perfect edge is like pomade that has a thick consistency and allows for hair edges to literally lay down. 

Normally I steer away from pomades because they tend to leave you hair feeling stiff and weighed down and within a day or two you need to wash it right out. This edge control does not leave that tacky feel and ugly residue a lot of products have the reputation of doing. It also contains argan oil which I truly love and claims prolonged use will provide benefits. I don’t know how true that is because I do not use it that frequent to comment on it providing any benefits to my hair, but it caught my attention. I really like a few of the products from this line Creme of nature has and love they are infusing products with argan oil. This is going to be added to my Holy Grail hair products! One criticism I do have about this product is that it doesn’t really work well in curls. I tried to use it when I had my hair up in a puff and that was a fail and a half and I ended up needing a gel to really get the look I desired. 
Aside from the fact that is does not preform well when I have my hair curly, I do like the scent of the product and even though it is in a small jar you do not need much to get the desired look. Check out your local beauty supply store if you are interested in this product and if you happen to be in the Toronto area it is constantly on sale at many beauty supply stores. 
Do you have any questions about this perfect edge product? Are you using another product that works really well for smoothing down your edges and hair? Do you have any suggestions for readers? Comment down below and let us know!!

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