Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hair Care: Shampoo: Argan oil Sulfate Free Moisture and Shine Shampoo

I get a lot of questions about my hair care regiment and in truth I try my best to keep it very simple and now have just stayed loyal to the products that have worked for me time and time again. I made the decision to go natural a little over 3 years ago and got sucked into the Youtube and natural hair world thinking I needed organic everything and all products I use had to be catering to natural hair. I searched high and low for these miracle products that would help me get the Chaka Khan mane I dreamed of and wanted so bad. I will admit I have tried so many products and invested so much money in the various products and for the most part only used a handful of them. Vegan hair products and hair care products are not cheap and are more sparse here in Toronto. They can be found at vegan stores like Honey Fig and a lot more beauty supplies are now catering to the market but they do not come cheap. I was over-whelmed but luckily I had a close friend at the time that was natural for a very long time and I took it upon myself  to research like nobody's business. Now that i'm more of a seasoned natural (I'd like to think) I realized that simple is better, and the thousands of oils, leave in conditioners, and products are unnecessary and sticking with the basics is the best thing that could ever happen to my hair. Now getting to the main point is as a child my mother would use Cream of Nature shampoo to wash my hair and it always left my hair soft and beautiful without stripping it of all natural oils of my hair. They recently released a new line infused with argan oil (my favourite) and i was in the beauty supply store and saw it and figured let me give it a whirl. It is great, leave my hair soft, and clean! It is sulfate free- meaning it doesn't contain the agent that foams up soaps and dries hair. I think it is worth a try!
Are you using any other shampoos and want to mention them? Do you have any questions about this shampoo? Comment below and let us know! Shop! Follow on Bloglovin

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