Monday, March 25, 2013

Tined Moisturizer: Laura Mercier

Spring and summer are right around the corner (at least I hope) and with the milder weather and sunny mornings I have been feeling like I should prepare for warmer climates. With warmer climate comes the urge to be bare faced and bronzed. The dream of barefaced and bronzed like i'm in the Bahamas and have even skin tones with no imperfection is basically a fantasy. Now I don't have a lot of imperfections on my face but i do have some uneven skin tone and acne marks that I do want to cover up. I have no time for foundation everyday and in truth wearing foundation has led to my fantasy being ruined. So tinted moisturizer for me is the way to go as the weather heats up. It is light weight, has some color and leaves the face looking very natural. Since it is low maintenance and can be applied with hands, sponges, or brushes (you fancy huh? *dances to Drake) it is a quick and sure way to look put together minus the "beat down".I have tried quite a few tinted moisturizers and never found one that doesn't cause monster breakouts on my skin. I will tell you now, when I am thinking of buying any beauty product I study it like a test! I go to my beauty bible (aka the blogs, youtube, makeupalley) and see what others said about it, how it looks on others, and how it applies. Woman of color I feel have to even go harder since we come in so many varying skin tones and undertones and lets face it a lot of cosmetic lines are only starting to cater to us and even then not in a huge way. Then I found Laura Mercier! I have passed the line several times in Sephora and Holt Renfrew (window shopping) and never thought to even look into the line, but a young lady in Sephora mentioned they are quite popular and that Ms Mercier is all about the "flawless face"- and me I'm about that life so i said what the heck lets give it a go. I'm surprised but she has a few colours that cater to the chocolate sisters and I decided to dab some on my face and walk around the mall to see if anything funny started happening. I grabbed the color Walnut and left and wore it to work all week. I do like it but not 100% sure picked up the right color because some days I feel it is too yellow and other days I think its dead on. The texture is beautiful, the coverage is actually the most coverage I have had from a tinted moisturizer and it wears well, however my oily T-zone and me have battles with this and I find myself blotting away my oil a few times a day with this. The product is said to be oil free and is suppose to help control oil and that has yet to happen. That is not cool because it was happening in the winter! Summer dreams are fading away with this because what will i look like in the summer? An oil slick? I recommend giving it a try because it looks beautiful, but if you have oily skin you may need a great primer under this or to give something else a whirl. I am on the fence about purchasing it again because it looks good and doesn't cause breakouts, but why is it so much work? At this price point I can't be working so hard to make this look good. I say get some samples and really give it a try and see if you fall in love. 
Do you want to give this moisturizer a try and have questions? Are you using any other brands that you absolutely love and want to mention? Do you have any questions? Comment down below and let me know!

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