Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beam Me Up: NARS Blush- Taj Mahal and Exhibit A

As the months roll by and we gravitate towards lighter shades with our makeup we dust off some absolute must have products. I call these my ride or die items. The items that have never failed me and get used constantly. These are items I will always have, if they get lost they will get repurchased, if i'm asked my opinion I rave, if I don't know what to use they are my go to. 
Anyhow as we know I am a blush girl and these two shades by NARS are what I call a must for any blush lover and woman of color. Nars: Taj Mahal and Exhibit A.

Nars Taj Mahal: This is by far my favourite blush in the entire world. (I know I am extreme) but if you have never dabbled in Nars blushes and decide to only go for one this is the one I feel is unique. Taj Mahal is a bright orange with a beautiful shimmer within it. This blush is pigmented and applies easy to the cheek. For lighter skin tones a light hand should be used to apply the product but will provide a beautiful sun-kissed glow on the face. This blush also can be doubled and paired over any blush to add warmth to the face. For darker skin tones I can not express how gorgeous this is. I get so many compliments anytime I wear it because it is just magnificent on deeper skin tones. If you have ever encountered blushes that don't seem to show up on the skin, this one will not disappoint you. 
Nars Exhibit A: This is the 2nd must have to add to the collection. It may appear very scary in pan because it is a bright bold red/orange shade. This blush is extremely pigmented as well and a light hand is required regardless of your skintone or skin colour. I know this blush looks scary but it can be buffed and blended into the skin to provide a beautiful rosy cheek. On lighter skin tones it looks like a beautiful flush on the cheeks when applied lightly. On deeper skin tones it exudes a nice radiance onto the skin. The trick with this blush is applying it lightly and then building for the desired look that you are comfortable with. Do not make the mistake and apply it heavily onto your face because of course it is easier to add makeup then subtract. This is a matte formulation which is my favourite because sometimes sparkle is not needed especially if you already have sparkle on the eyes or lips. This is a go to blush of mine as well.
Both blushes retail for $32.00 CAD. They can be purchased online on Nars website (they ship internationally), can be purchased in Sephora, The Bay, and most department stores internationally. 

Take a look at my Nars Blush Collection: I swatch and talk about Taj Mahal and Exhibit A!

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