Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Smooth & Silky: Bath and Body Works: Foot Care Items Review

For the last month I have renewed my Bath and Body works obsession and have been trying to get my feet in sandal ready mode. 
Since they keep on sending me coupons and promotions I have given into the gimmicks and been lured back in the store and have been scoping out new items.
Wintery Canadian weather keeps my feet looking not so cute, so I have been battling to get them just how I want then in time for the feet showing months. 
I had marked down a few items on my to get list and finally after eyeing them for awhile and getting reviews on them I decided to give it a whirl.
I purchased True Blue Spa Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream in Avocado Butter, True Blue Spa Strength Callus Treatment - Tough Love, and True Blue Spa Smoothing Foot Scrub - Toe the Line.
I was happy because I got to take part in the promotion where I buy 2 get 1 free! I also got to use a coupon that allowed for $10 off the purchase. So far I have used them and enjoy them and am quickly seeing improvements in the feel and appearance of my feet. I will go through what each product is suppose to do and how they are suppose to be used. 
From Left to Right: True Blue Spa Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream in Avocado Butter,  

True Blue Spa Strength Callus Treatment - Tough Love, True Blue Spa Smoothing Foot Scrub - Toe the Line.

  • True Blue Spa Malibu Beach Pedicure Foot Cream in Avocado Butter : is a thick creamy lotion that you can apply to your feet for every day use to moisturize them prior to putting on sandals or shoes. I have found this product great to use because it has a thick consistency that sinks into the skin. Also it isn't greasy as some creams tend to be so allow for immediate wearing of shoes or sandals  The smell is very pretty with a slight avocado smell to it. You only need a pea size for each foot and very little goes a long way with this product. I scored this one for only $5.00 CAD at the cash so was very excited.
  • True Blue Spa-Strength Callus Treatment - Tough Love: This callus treatment is cream that you apply to your feet after you have scrubbed your feet with an exfoliator or soaked your feet in warm water. It works by rubbing the product on your heels or callused areas and smooths them out. This product contains Glycolic acid and helps to remove any dead skin cells on the feet. This cream also contains Eucalyptus Oil which provides a refreshing feel to your skin and Glycerin helps skin retain moisture. It works really well I have only used it for a little over a week and I can already feel a difference. I can already tell this is a product that you will have to work with over time to see results in the long run. The product is very watery and I wish they could change the packaging to a pump because the product tends to ooze out the tube. The smell of the product is a little odd but very bearable. I put it on in the night with some socks because I wouldn't be able to tolerate the smell in the day. This is worth every penny because it does what it says it is going to do. Retails for $15.00 CAD
  • True Blue Spa Smoothing Foot Scrub - Toe the Line is a exfoliator for the feet that removes dead skin cells and rough patches from the feet. This scrub is infused with Walnut shells to remove thick dry patches from the bottom of the feet. It also contains peppermint oil to provide a soothing feeling to the feet. You apply the product to your feet in the shower and rub it all over your wet feet to get them soft and silky. I dab a bit of the product on a pumice stone and apply it to my feet to smooth them out and it works like a charm. This is one of my favourite product out of the three that I have purchased and I would definitely repurchase it again. Retails for $15.00 CAD
All in all these are good products to check out if your are trying to have your feet silky and avoid ashy feet for the summer months. You can purchase these products in store at Bath and Body works or online. Bath and Body Works constantly have promotions on products so sign up for their mailing list or check out their website to take advantage of the sales. I now have my eye on True Blue Spa Cracked Heel Treatment - Heel of Approval because I have heard rave reviews about it. 

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