Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Bentley of Brushes: Hakuhodo Blush Brush & Blending Brush

Last November for the second time I attended IMATS (The International makeup artist trade show) and
was so excited to pick up some discounted makeup, and also get to attend workshops by famous makeup artists and professionals. The IMATS feels like home because you are surrounded by woman who are in love with cosmetics, work in the industry, and have a love affair for cosmetics. It is always a jam packed event and you always get to be introduced to new and innovative products and lines. I usually go alone because I don't like to be rushed and want to take my time looking at everything I can. I love to pick up brushes at the show because there are lots of variety and the brushes tend to be cheaper! I was walking by and saw a stand that had a lot of brushes and touched a blending brush very simular to MAC 217 and it was the softest brush I have ever touched in my 29 years of living honey! The company name was Hakuhodo. I picked up a card and scooted off a bit alarmed at the price I was quoted but couldn't get over how soft and beautiful the brushes where so my research commenced.
Hakuhodo is a Japanese brush company that operates out of Hiroshima. They are known for producing calligraphy brushes for over 200 years, and are the leading makeup brush manufacturer that produce their own line of high quality makeup brushes and also make brushes for leading cosmetic companies. These brushes are handmade and the hair tips of the brushes are not cut which is why they are so soft. The hair is handpicked and sorted,  and the tip of the brushes shaped like a mountain to fit form of the face. When I tell you these brushes are the softest brushes I have ever felt? I mean I hardly want to get them dirty they are so beautiful and soft. I purchased two from Hakuhodo's website. Now I will admit these brushes are expensive, but in contrast to a Mac brush, or Sephora brush they have various series that are comparable.
Left to Right : Hakuhodo J142 & J110 
I purchased  the J142 Eye Shadow Brush Round for $18.00 USD which is used for blending eye shadows, or blending in concealer under the eye. This it the one I fell in love with at IMATS because it was so soft and I use blending brushes the most in any eye application I do. I used it for the first time today and it blends like a dream and just feels so great on the skin.
I also purchased the J110 Blush Brush Round & Flat that goes for $52.00 USD. This brush I debated on for months because it is expensive as hell! If you touched it though you would understand! It is soft as silk on the skin and takes up the right amount of product for a flawless application of blush on the cheek. I say it can even double up to apply bronzer, highlight, or even powder to the face. These are the most exquisite brushes I own to date and eventually I will save up and purchase more brushes from this line because they are absolutely fantastic.
I would suggest these makeup brushes for makeup enthusiasts, professionals, or someone that is really
into makeup. If you are a novice you may want to start with streamline brushes but up to you!
Brushes are a great investment because they last for years if you treat them right and I am glad after four months of debate I purchased them.

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