Friday, April 5, 2013

I went through the Trenches and Came out a Winner: Mac's Heroine Lipstick and Silly lipglass

When a new collection is released from Mac online, I don't even bother staying up late
hours to see if I can get it first, that is usually a loosing battle unless you stalk the website. I always prefer to see and touch a product in real life because pictures do not always give a product justice. When I heard that Mac was re-releasing the lipstick Heroine I was so excited! I had slept on this collection last spring and then regretted it deeply when I saw you-tubers and blogger's boasting about the lip colour. I am a big purple lipstick girl so I knew I would have to make a run for this. 
The Fashion Set's collection just released in North America yesterday and I got really anxious as I watched ladies on my Instagram showing off that they got it, and woman complaining that it was sold out. I had no time to run to the store before work so figured I would go today while I'm off and running around doing errands. Around 1pm I stepped into the mall and got to the Mac store, my eyes dropped when I saw the sold out sign on Heroine lipstick, lipglass, and lipliner. Didn't the collection just come out yesterday I wanted to scream!!!! (but kept quite since I didn't want to seem crazy). I tested the other products and remembered there was another Mac in the The Bay (A large Canadian department store) that I could check it out. Lucky I did because that was the last one in the store!!! 

Heroine is described as a bright purple with dark red undertones. It has a smooth application (on the back on my hand) and dries down to a satin finish on the lips. I have yet to actually try this lipstick to give a review on how I feel about it personally but I'm sure glad I got my hands on this.
I also decided to try something a little different and got a bright pretty pink lipglass called Silly. It is just the cutest barbie/candy flavoured pink ever and at first I was hesitant but decided that it would look great paired over my pink lipsticks that I have. I have not tested this out but I'm sure it has similar wear to Mac's other lipglasses.
Heroine retails for $18.00 CAD and Silly goes for $18.00 CAD. 
It may be hard to locate Heroine now, but definitely take your change and look for it in the store ladies!

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