Thursday, April 4, 2013

So Fresh and so Clean-Clean: The Body Shops Seaweed Clarifying Toner

I never used to believe in using toner. I felt like it was just this fake addition to my regiment that some company drummed up and figured they could make additional money selling. I thought they tricked the consumer into purchasing another product that they actually need. Then it all changed when I got a sample of toner from Nivea buying a holiday pack that came full of product. I washed my face and gave it a shot one day and noticed that not only did it take off more dirt (what the heck didn't i just wash my face) but also made my dry and tight face feel more relieved and moisturized after the drying wash I just did. So there is where research started and it dawned on me that this is a must in my regiment.  It is a quick touch to making sure any missed dirt, debris, or makeup is off my face. 
One day while shopping with my girlfriend we stepped into the Body Shop to look around. As much as I consider myself a shopper I really have never bought anything in the Body Shop nor looked around in it. To this day I'm not sure why I have constantly bypassed the store but here I was looking around. Glancing at the products in the store I remembered that my Sephora toner was nearly finished so picked up Body Shops clarifying seaweed toner. Here are a few highlights:

  • alcohol free (toners with alcohol tend to be drying to the face)
  • infused with cucumber: an astringent that helps refresh the skin
  • infused with menthol: helps circulation
  • infused with glycerin: a moisturizer that helps improve softness in skin
  • infused with seaweed-which is known to have conditioning and hydrating benefits
  • good for combination/oil skin
I have been using this toner for the last two weeks and I do like it! I was worried that it would break and i'm glad to report that is has not. It has reduced some of the oil in my face and provides a calming and soothing feeling when applied with a cotton pad to my face. It has a slightly fragrant smell and has a nice smooth consistency.Definitely worth checking out and sells for $8.99 at The Body Shop
The Body Shop

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