Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Product Fail: YSL Shocking Mascara

This product fail hurt my head just a little bit. I get incentives from my job and that allows me to get gift cards to The Bay (a Canadian Department store) and I get to build my stash heavily without killing my finances. During Christmas time YSL counter had a gift bag promotion with a couple cosmetics in the bag. When I decided to use my gift card (more like waste my gift card) I was looking forward to YSL's mascara that came inside the gift. The packaging is rich and the worker at the counter was praising this mascara so highly. Normally I stick with my drug store mascara's because my lashes are already really long and they expire so fast so I just don't bother with the high end stuff. This mascara is a hot mess. The wand on it is OK and separates and combs the lashes well, but I find the mascara was clumpy from the day I got it. When I used it on my lashes I just find they clumped together in a bad way and looked spidery. My lashes are pretty long so I didn't see any improvements in that area but I generally use mascara for thickening, but only thickness was the clumps this mascara had. There is an ingredient that makes my eyes water really bad and feel a bit strange for a few moments. The only thing I really love on it is the rich gold packaging that it comes in but I will take some plastic cheap looking mascara if it works better. This was a big disappointment for me and I do not recommend this product. It retails in stores for $36.00 CAD and a very big waste of money I say. Remember though this is just my own personal opinion if you own it and love it please let me know, maybe I got a bad batch.

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