Thursday, April 4, 2013

Oh La La -Product Rave: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC)

Forever I will be on the hunt for a new innovative product. Something that will change my beauty life, something that is new and easy to use, something that is a little different from the mainstream. OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics liptars) is just that. 
What is a liptar you ask? (if you are unfamiliar with them) Liptars are described by the company as liquid lipstick! This product has the longevity of a lipstick and comes in a tube simular to that of a lipgloss. Liptars apply smooth to the lips and dry down to a satin rich finish. These liptars are the most pigmented lip product I own and literally just a pea size of product will drench your lips in color. The best part about this product is that it comes in so many colors and also can be mixed to your desired shade to change the product all together. Ladies (and gents) you can  find any shade of your choice. OCC has yellow, green, gold, white, black you name it. They also have regular shades for whimps like myself in Red, pink, and purple too. Did I mention that these are 100% vegan?? I am always looking for a product that works well and doesn't have harmful ingredients within them. They contain pepermint oil, hemp oil and vitamin E so wear very nicely and comfortably on the lips. 
In terms of application it is a MUST that you use a lip brush to apply or else you will look like a hot mess and have a stains all over your hands. When you purchase the product is does come with a tiny brush, but for a lady with full lips I tend to use my own for a quicker precise job. I will share some of the colours that I have purchased. I had the chance to go to IMATS (The International Makeup -artist trade show in Toronto in the winter) and snagged a few more to add to my growing collection of tars. 
From the Bottom to top: Authentic, Clear, Hocchie, Anime, Super NSFW, Yaoi

  • Authentic: Is a coppery brown metallic lipstick that would fit into a nude category depending on your skin-tone. This is a warm toned color that has hints of orange and red in the base. It is infused with sparkle and applies very opaque on the lips.
  • Clear: is a clear liptar that sheers out colours, adds a glossy finish to your lips, and primes the lips before applying product. Personally I think you can skip this product all together because it is very sheer.
  • Hocchie: is a vibrant magenta that is absolutely stunning. I always get so many compliments when i wear this because it is so unique. It is a blue based magenta that is opaque  It wears comfortably on the lips and lasts up to 8 hours. This is by far is a must have for purple/magenta lovers.
  • Anime: is a bold neon pink that is flattering on every skin-tone. It is long wearing and doesn't dry out the lips and dries down to a matte finish. Very opaque.
  • Super NSFW: is a true red that is infused with metallics. It is moisturizing but due to the sparkles in it I'm not the biggest fan because i like a matte finish when it comes to my reds. You can try its big sister NSFW.
  • Yaoi: is a cute bright pink that has shimmer infused within it. This lipstar has a beautiful sheen when applied to the lips and is very lightweight.
All in all I will be picking up some other shades from this line because I really think they are fantastic. They retail for $22 CAD and will not disappoint. It is refreshing to find a vegan/cruelty free company that has edge to it. These can be purchased at Sephora, on OCC's website, Amazon, eBay and other retailers. If you have IMATS in your city great to hold off on buying tons because they sell them discounted at the show! 

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