Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty and Flawless: Mac Mineralized Skin finish in Dark Review

There are many days I want to just wake up go to work and not even bother with foundation, blush, primer the whole nine yards. Low key and put together is the goal but it is a little more challenging for a woman like myself because there are a few spots in my face I consider a little uneven and that shows a lot of shine. Instances like that is when I refer to Mac Mineralized Skin finish a product that I have been going back and forth with for years.
Macs skin finish is described by Mac as "A dome shaped powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day". I totally agree with this description. This powder is beautiful it can be added to the face bare to even out skin tone, it can be added over foundation to set it in place. It provides light to medium coverage on the skin and if you are of a lighter skin you can use it to contour and add depth to your face. Also because it is baked you can wet your brush and apply it more heavily on the face as well as use it as an eyeshadow. For lighter skinned ladies it can be used as a blush, highlight or a bronzer. I generally use it alone on days I want to be low key with my makeup application, or as a finishing powder over my foundation.
There are many different shades of this product that are suitable for ladies of varying shades and this product is long wearing  and comes packed with a lot of product.  For ladies that are darker skinned I suggested try this product in a well lit area on natural skin because Mac sells both a dark and deep dark versions and sometimes even for deeper skins the deep dark can be a bit much.
When I use this on my skin it gives a natural looking shimmer and evens out the skin tone and looks flawless. My gripe with this product is that it looks great on me, but I believe over the last few months has been causing me to breakout on my skin with use. I have to rule it out completely but it is upsetting because it works so well. I have used it on some friends and just feel it adds a beautiful look to the face. This product retails for $35.00 CAD and can be purchased in store or on Mac's website.

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