Friday, April 5, 2013

Ohhh girl that Glow: Sedona Lace Fan Brush

Makeup brushes are probably the most important and essential tool in a makeup collection. You can purchase cheaper products, and skimp on quality on some items, but when it comes to application the brush you are using can make or break the look you are going for. 
When I first started looking for makeup brushes I would purchase them without truly thinking through the value and versatility of  them. I ended up purchasing a thousand different brushes and I really didn't end up using a good portion of them. I now know and have concluded through wasted money as well as maturing that some of the brushes I need have to be multi-purposed and must be brushes I will use according to my regiment. This is why I purchased the jumbo fan brush FB 01 from Sedona Lace. Sedona Lace is a company that sells affordable makeup brushes, tools and cosmetics online.
The Sedona Lace jumbo fan brush can be used in so many ways that is has surpassed my expectations and can really get many different jobs done. This brush can be used to apply loose powder to the face to set foundation, also dusting under the eye to set concealer or dusting off any eye shadows that have fallen under the eye. This brush is great to use on a angle to apply highlighter to the cheek bones, and it distributes the right amount of color and right about of fieriness ! You can also use it for a light applications of blush, and bronzer to the cheek and it provides a lot of control. And finally you can use it to dust sparkle or shimmer on the chest of shoulders. 
The brush does shed a little bit in the beginning of use but shedding does stop after a few washes. It is also important that after you have cleaned the brush that you lay it down flat and dry it completely for it to retain its shape. 
You can purchase this jumbo brush directly on Sedona Lace's website for $12.95 USD.
Keep in mind that fan brushes can be purchased in many different cosmetic stores from different companies and are really a great addition to your kit. 

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