Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bronzed to the Bone and Luminized to the Gods: The Balm Mary- Lou Manizer & Betty- Lou Manizer

The last few months I have been on this fresh faced flawless look due to the harsh winters and lack of vitamin D. Now I am in the mood to dust off some products I got as gradis from my work place that I feel are going to add the look I am now going for: Sun kissed and highlighted.
The Balm: Mary- Lou Manizer
I am always in the market for a new brand I have never tried, I always feel like i'm missing on some greatness in the store. I get gradis from my work when customers are happy with your service or you have acheieved some goals (I work in a call center) and we have redemptions with some drug stores and department stores that allow me to splurge on my kryptonite makeup!
I had points build up and strolled into Rexall Pharma Plus(a Canadian drugstore we are affiliated with) and ran into the brand The Balm. I have never really heard of them or paid attention to them prior but I did notice they have the cutest packaging that shows cartoons (derived from the 40's-50s) that are incarcerated for being glam. 
The Balm: Betty-Lou Manizer 
I ended up picking up both Mary-Lou Manizer which is a luminzer/highlighter, and eyeshadow all in one, as well as Betty-Lou Manizer that is a bronzer, shimmer and eyeshadow all in one and have been impressed. I love it when makeup can be used for duel purpose. Ladies don't forget makeup is what you make it, you can turn your favourite blush into a eyeshadow or your faourite eyeshadow into a blush just read the labels and make sure they are safe for the area of your face you wish to apply. Anyhow I will go into detail about each product below: 

  • Mary-Lou Manizer: Is a shimmery champagne coloured highlighter that is packed
    The Balm: Mary-Lou Manzier
    with punch. It has a smooth buttery feeling and blends like a dream. It suits woman with olive to dark skin tones very well and can be applied to cheek bones, cupids bow, eye brow bone as well as used as a blush. I love that it is safe to be used several ways on the face. I just use a little for a subtle glow and it doesn't come across and too shimmery and childish on the face. The compact is cute and durable and has a mirror which makes it great for travel. This product retails for $29 CAD and can be purchased in Rexall Pharma Plus, Sephora, Amazon and other retailers
  • Betty- Lou Manizer: is a beautiful bronzy brown that has the exact amount of shimmer needed to bronze and highlight the skin. I was a little worried in terms of the pigmentation and showing up on my face but it really is beautiful on woman of color as well as lighter toned woman. It is smooth and buttery as well and glides on with application. I love again that this can be used to highlight on darker toned woman as well as double up as a eyeshadow or blush. This product also retails for $29 CAD and can be purchased in Rexall Pharma Plus, Sephora, Amazon and other retailers.
    The Balm: Betty- Lou Manizer 

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