Monday, April 29, 2013

Lush Toner: Eau Roma Water: Product Fail

In my previous blog about Toner The Body Shops Seaweed Clarifying Toner I went on to talk about
Lush Toner: Eau Roma Water
how I was happy to find a Toner that makes my face feel refreshed and more clean and balanced after washing with drying soap.
Prior to that I went to Lush to find a toner that was natural, soothing and something I could use daily. I was starting to break out from a foundation I had been trying out and wanted to switch my face products I had been using.
I did my research on Lush toners and decided that I wanted to get the Tea Tree toner since I had a lot of success with my pimple zapping product that contains tea tree as its base ingredient Lush's Grease Lightening Tea Tree Cleanser.
I walked into the downtown Toronto Lush store and was searching for the product and was notified by a young worker that they where out of stock. She suggested that I try out Eau Roma Water since I have combination skin and its ingredients are good for combating oil. I reluctantly purchased the toner figuring she probably knew that product line better then me, but when I used it I truly felt nothing. I tried it for a few weeks but didn't feel as though it removed any excess makeup that I was unable to get off my face, nor make me feel refreshed. I felt like I was spraying sweet smelling water onto my skin. Personally I think this toner would be nice as a refresher or even to mist the face to prep it for makeup application. Even refreshing the face through out the day when the air is dry weather is warm would be good. However I just didn't feel like it was doing it's job and I felt like it was a waste of money. I still recommend getting a small sample of the product or giving it a try in the store because I have seen many reviews on it and people like it so many it is just me?
On Lush's website they describe this toner as being good for dry, sensitive  or mature skin that needs a gentle touch. This toner is suppose to be the most moisturizing out of all of the toners they sell and are infused with rose water and lavender essential oils. These oils are known to be good for redness, irritation and dryness. I purchased the 100ml bottle for $9.99 CAD from Lush and it can be purchased
Lush Skin Care Productson their website as well.

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