Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pretty in Pastels: Spring Time Nail Polishes

From Left to Right: Orly- Ancient Jade, Sally Hansen- Lacey Lilac, China Glaze- Re-Fresh Mint,  OPI-Pink Friday, OPI-Lucky Lucky Lavender
When it starts getting a little warmer I start wearing nail polish more frequent and then I get in the habit of purchasing them even more. For me I have to be in the groove to polish and maintain my nails because lets face it between the base coat, applying the nail polish, waiting for it to dry, and adding top coat this process can sometimes be a bit tedious. For the last couple years I have always been into super colorful nail polishes (ex: purple, Red, and metallic greens) I started to get tired constantly purchasing those colours because sometimes they stain my nails and are not as dainty as I wish, and I thought it was the time to try something new. A get closer to the warmer weather pastel colours are always in trend, and nail polishes are no exception. Last year I took the plunge and purchased a pastel nail polish and then never looked back and expanded to various shades. I have gone through my train case (yes I have a train case of nail polishes) and found my top nail polishes I will be reaching for for the next few months.

Orly- Ancient Jade: Is a mint coloured jade that applies opaque on the finger tips with only one coat. To get my desired look I apply two coats. This nail polish is great, it doesn't chip fast as is long wearing. This nail polish comes with a lot of product .6 fluid ounces so will last forever. This nail polish can be purchased at beauty supply stores, online, eBay and Sally Beauty supply for $7.99 CADSally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Lacey Lilac: is a creamy coloured lilac and is also very opaque. This nail polish really only requires one good coat applied, does not chip easily and is long wearing. It can be purchased at all drug stores internationally as well as on eBay  or online. This I would say of all the polishes I will share is the best value hands down. This nail polish comes with .40 fluid ounces and retails for $3.00 CAD.China Glaze-Re-Fresh Mint: Is a light coloured mint pastel green. The consistency of this nail polish is quite thick and you do have to work a bit fast with it because it has the tendency to get gloopy. Two coats will do the job in terms of getting a beautiful application. I do find that it chips really fast- within 2-3 days so I have yet to get a log wear out of it. It comes it .5 fluid ounces of product. This nail polish can be purchased online, in Sally's Beauty supply, and beauty supplies. This nail polish retails for $6.99 CAD.
OPI- Pink Friday: Is a beautiful pastel baby pink that was released last year in the Nicki Minaj collection. It is absolutely beautiful and dainty.  The one downfall with this is that it can be a little streaky so about 2-3 coats will be needed to get the desired coverage. This nail polish does not chip fast and can be worn up to a week. The polish has the standard .5 fluid ounces that OPI polishes come with. This can be purchased at most beauty supply stores, online, eBay, and some drug stores. This polish retails for $8.99 CAD
OPI- Lucky Lucky Lavender:  Is a light purple/lavender polish that is super feminine. It also applies opaque on the finger tips and needs about two coats to get the desired coverage. It is long lasting like most OPI nail polishes and comes with the standard .5 fluid ounces as well. This polish can also be purchased in most beauty supply stores, online, eBay, and some drug stores for $8.99 CAD.
Give some pastel coloured nail polish a try! If there are any other brands or polish that you really love comment below and let me know.


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