Thursday, April 25, 2013

Light and Natural: Mac Face and Body Foundation Review

I think the addiction of searching for a foundation that provides a flawless canvas is on the look up. I try so many different foundations and strive to find a light weight, natural looking, beautiful foundation that suits me. 
Mac Face and Body Foundation 50 ml C7

I have been researching more and more and I know you may ask haven't you found your holy grail YSL, and Laura Mercier? The truth is I always feel I can find better and love variety and don't always feel to drop $50 and $60 on an item. 
With that said months back I stumbled upon YouTube with a lady raving about Mac's Face and Body foundation, and I loved the finish she had when she applied it so decided to look for it on my next visit to the mall. 
I visited a counter and was astonished at how watery it sounded when I picked up the bottle. I had my doubts and scepticism right then. What would this watery foundation be able to cover? Well glad I gave it a whirl because I really like how natural it looks and feels surprisingly. 
Mac's face and body is a water resistant foundation that is said to wear up to 8 hours. It can be worn not only on the face but on the body as well. Makeup artists apply it to the neck, shoulders, and backs to cover imperfections on models during shoots and now consumers have that option too. 
Since it is water resistant it is perfect for the summer time or for people who live in warmer climates. 
Due to the water consistency of the product it applies sheer but can be layered on to get a heavier coverage. I would say that this is light to medium coverage but if you want something lightweight and still need extra coverage then concealer paired with this foundation will work very well. 
There are 13 shades offered in face and body collection and they go well with different undertones and blend into the skin great. 
This foundation doesn't oxidize so try to get a tester to get an idea of how it will wear on your skin. If you decide to purchase do remember to keep the receipt in case you have a change of heart.
This foundation is great applied with fingers, sponges, or a stippling brush.
Sephora Stippling Brush 

I purchased color C7 in the 50 ml bottle but when this finishes I will purchase N7 because I feel this one has a little too much red in it and I need something more neutral or golden for my skin.
The foundation does have a odd smell to it that is sort of plastic-ish, so if you are sensitive to smell this might be something that bothers you. I say definitely give it a try especially if you are going on vacation soon or prepping your stash for the heat! 
Face and Body retails for $32.00 CAD and can be purchased on Mac's website online or in store.  Follow on Bloglovin No Pain No Beauty

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