Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Little Helpers: A few Tools that make Beauty Life a bit easier

So I have been reviewing items left, right and center, but I feel like I am forgetting to mention some of the contributing helpers on the team that aid in some quick fixes and glitches when dealing with beauty. Most of the items I will present can double up as multifunctional tools and really save me when I am in a jam. These are some of my top tools I reach for on a given day, and I feel they should be essentials in your makeup bag or kit.

  • Eyelash/Brow Comb: This is a tool I reach for on a daily basis. It aids in combing out my eyebrow hair prior to shaping or grooming. The other end helps me comb out my eyelash hair, and remove clumps from mascara when applied. Duo Lash Comb/Brow Brush- $9.50 CAD. 
  • Tweezer: This is self explanatory but tweezers help take out stray eyebrows as well as remove the odd facial hair that may appear on the face (I know who gets those?), also help with application of false lashes. Revlon Slanted Tweezers $6.99 CAD.
  • Mini scissors: These scissors serve as multi purpose use. Can trim facial hair, nose hair, eye brow hair, split cuticles, andear hair you name it! Tweezerman $20 CAD. 
  • Shiseido Facial cotton pads: Help with removing  makeup, applying toner, removing nail polish, and  applying liquid makeup products as well. These cotton are 100% natural cotton and may seem overpriced but apply smoothly to the face and leave no lint after use. $9.00 CAD.

  • Q-tips Precision Tips: These are are the best! They aid in cleaning up mistakes around the eye gently with makeup remover, allow for makeup application to brows, and eye shadows (when you forget your brushes), clean up bleeding of lipsticks or mistakes made during application, clean up nail polish around brims of finger, remove nail polish from fingers (when you forgot your cotton pads) as well as clean around jewellery on the face (nose Piercing, eyebrow perices etc) $2.99 CAD

  • Mac Fix +: A mineral and vitamin infused product that helps mist dry skin prior to makeup application, add dew after makeup application, set makeup after powder has been applied, mix with loose pigments to appear more vibrant on the eyes or face, refresh makeup and the face after a long day. $25 CAD

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