Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let's get those feet Sandle Ready and Hands Cute Pt 1: Tips and Tricks

There is nothing worse then seeing a woman wearing sandals and her feet are ashy, crusty, and stark white. As the weather is getting nicer and boots get put away in place of open toe shoes and sandals it is like the eight wonder in the world to me that while strapping on the shoe it is okay for some to look like they been through a desert or have walked on hot coal for hours.
Please ladies beware of this before we get into that season full fledged and help your feet and nails out. Getting a pedicure is not in every ones budget (shoot it ain't in mine) so I set myself up at home to get things right. The winter can reek havoc on the feet and skin but there are few inexpensive tools you can use to rectify the situation and not become a statistic. 
Top to Bottom: Revlon Nail clippers, Sally's Beauty supply toe separator  Sephora Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle Scissors, Sephora Nail Dotter, OPI Drip Dry, Essie Smooth Trick,OPI Base Coat, OPI Top Coat
Nail Clippers: A stainless steel clipper that is small enough to carry in your beauty bag or purse and cuts the nails down with precision. Also comes with a fold away file to clean under the nails safely.  Trim along the natural nail line and don't cut nail too low into the nail bed. 
Revlon $3.99 CAD Wal-mart, or any drugstore internationally.

Nail Groomer: A stainless steel cuticle groomer pushes back the cuticle on the nail and cleans under nails as well. Soaking hands or feet in warm soapy water is best prior to use. 
Sephora $3.00 CAD, or any drugstore internationally.

Cuticle Scissors: A stainless steel cuticle scissor helps cut cuticles and hangnails.  A curved blade allows for precision and ease when using. It is also a good idea to soak feet or hands in soapy water to soften skin before cutting.
Beauty Supply Store $1.00 CAD, or any drugstore internationally.

Nail Dotter: A stainless steel nail dotter is a helpful tool if you like to get the pedicure designs minus the price tag. Allows for dotting of nail polish on hands and feet and can help create designs. 
There are many design video's on YouTube you can get ideas and instructions, take a look!
Sephora $3.00 CAD Sephora Sale or any drugstore internationally.

Toe Separators: Rubber toe separators that separate feet during nail polish application. Prevents toes from touching and smudging together, and provides salon like perfection. 
Sally's Beauty Supply $.99 CAD or any drugstore internationally.

Conditioning Cuticle Oil: Conditioning cuticle oil helps fight dry cuticles and prevent hangnails from forming on the fingers or toes. Essie Smooth Trick conditioning oils are loaded with vitamin A & E and nourish dry brittle nails.     
Essie $8.00 CAD Wal-mart or any drugstore internationally.

Lacquer Drying Drops: Drops that are applied to nails after top coat is applied and dries nails completely within less then a minute. Helps when you are in a rush and can't wait around. OPI comes with a dropper that can be placed on nail to prevent streaking or mess.
OPI $8.00 CAD Beauty supply stores or any drugstore internationally. 

Base Coat:  A base applied to nails before nail polish  Create smooth base for nail polish application and prolongs the wear of nail polish. Don't think you need it? Try using a good one it helps a lot.
OPI $7.99 CAD Beauty supply stores, nail shops, and Amazon.

Top Coat: Adds gloss and shine to the nails as well as seals in nail polish and prolongs wear. A good top coat is the key to longer lasting nails.
OPI $7.99 CAD Beauty supply stores, nail shops, Amazon. 

Foot Buffer: Foot buffer removes dead skin cells off the feet, smoothes down rough patches on soles and toes, and helps feet feel buttery soft.
Winners, Marshalls, Target $5.99 CAD

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