Monday, April 1, 2013

Pretty In Pink: Pink

This weekend (here in Toronto) was an indication that spring time is in full effect. I got to wear a light leather jacket, wore a skirt with no tights (long skirt) and the sun was shining and the weather was sweet. With that said I have retired my vampy darker lipsticks and am stepping to full girl mode. I love me some pink, I feel it shows femininity and just looks gorgeous especially on tanned or darker skin in the summer time. Now I know some of the ladies reading are like pink on dark skin? Yes it works, it takes a little effort, confidence, and playing around to make it work but it really can look devine. Here are a few pointers when going on the hunt for the perfect pretty in pink lipstick.
  •  Liner will be the most crucial part of the lips especially if your lips are very pigmented. I find applying dark purple or light brown really makes the lipsticks look seamless and and flawless on the mouth. 
  • Now think about your skin tone and undertones and pink shades that will be the most complimentary. If you are more fair you can likely pull off the barbie pink, lilacs, and peachy pinks well. You may need a matching liner so that it looks seamless or a light brown/nude liner.
  • If you are olive or tan you will need to steer away from the barbie pinks because they may have a chalky look on the lips. Coral based pinks, blue based pinks, as well as lilac colors will suit you well. Light brown liners and light purple liners will aid in your lipstick application.
  • Darker and deeper skin tones make sure the pink is pigmented and blue based for it to compliment your skin tone. Steer away from barbie pinks, light lilacs, and orange corals because they tend to look extreme on the mouth and sometimes provide a ashy look against the skin. Liners will be your best friend in the world. Try light brown, dark brown, dark plums and purples to line the lip and create a contrast to the lipstick. Creating a little dimension on your lips makes for a cute look. 
  • Test out the product when you have the ability to and look at yourself outside of the store lights to see if you are comfy with the color
  • Go for creamy textures that provide a lot of coverage on the mouth
  • Do not sleep on the drug store lipsticks because there are a lot of great ones to start off with 
Some of my favourite pink lips I have photographed and will describe them below:

  • Maybelline hot plum: Is a magenta pink that is bright and opaque. It is bright and vivid and wears comfortably on the lips
  • OCC- Yaoi- is hot hot pink with blue undertones that contains glitter in the formulation. Very long lasting (little goes a long long way)
  • Candy Yum Yum- A cult favourite- A pink to the 5th power. A neon matte bright pink that is blue based This is not for the faint of heart by any means!
  • Lime Crime- Countessa Fluorescent  a darker pink that is extremely creamy and confortable on the lips (vegan line) 
  • Mac Dazzleglass- Baby sparks: A light pink with sparkles, great to top over a pink lipstick or wear on its own
  • Victoria Secret Beauty Rush- Candy Baby: A baby pink lipgloss that is great on top of any lipstick I have ever tried and clear worn on its own. (also smells great)

From Top to Bottom: Maybelline Hot Plum, OCC- Yaoi, Mac- Candy Yum yum, Lime Crime: Countessa Flourescent, Mac Dazzlglass- Baby Sparks, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush- Candy baby

Left to Right: Maybelline Hot Plum, OCC- Yaoi, Mac- Candy Yum yum, Lime Crime: Countessa Flourescent, Mac Dazzlglass- Baby Sparks, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush- Candy baby

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