Thursday, April 18, 2013

Putting in Work -Nars The Multiple: South Beach Product Disappointment

Nars: South Beach
Nothing makes me happier as a consumer then when a company creates cosmetics that can be used in multiple ways. The fact that I can purchase one product all bundled up in a one stop shop is what made me particularly interested in purchasing The Multiple and ending my internal debate over purchasing it.
Nars The multiple is one of those products that have been introduced and allow for use all over use.
This stick is a cream to powder cosmetic that can be used to apply to bronze to cheeks, eyes and lips and provides a beautiful highlight to the skin.
This product has turned into a bit of a disappointment and I had to make a decision on if it is worth the hype, and money. I also debated if truly needed in my collection. I personally love the the consistency of the stick when used as a highlighter, however my issue with it is that it doesn't show up on my dark skin as well as I thought it would and it tends to fade throughout the day. 
I also tried applying it to the eyes but due to the fact I have oily lids the product slipped and slid all over even with a great eye primer. 
On the lips it made them feel a little dry, and I suppose I'm not really into muted lips so didn't find that it could be used successfully or frequently.
 I have tried to apply this product with a brush and directly from the tube and just have yet to get a look I desire that makes me completely content so have decided to return it.
 This product retails for $46.00 CAD and can be purchased at The Bay, Sephora, Nars website or other department stores globally. 

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