Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty Unicorns and Bold Colours: Spotlight Lime Crime Makeup

I have been trying to get out of my comfort zone and dabble with other products that I have heard a lot of buzz about and have never tried. My addiction to makeup and lipsticks is very serious but some of the colours out are not as bright and fun as I wish, so I have been researching other Indie brands. 
 I am also big on companies who pride themselves on using rich ingredients and are health conscious  This is where I bumped into the Pink, purple and Unicorn-ed brand Lime Crime. 
Lime Crime is a vegan friendly, cruelty free cosmetic company that sells out the box lipstick shades and out of this world pigmented lipsticks. The owner is a blogger that makes claims she was unable to find lipsticks as bright and bold as she liked so created her own. 
I ordered 2 lipsticks and 1 lip gloss one day during a snow storm and was happy to see a purple unicorn box come in the mail for me within 2 weeks. The packaging is to die for and the lipstick even nicer. 
For me personally I am not daring in terms of the colors I will purchase but Lime Crime sells all colours over the rainbow in terms of lipsticks. They have bold colors like yellow, green, and Lilac and wearable colors such as red, orange, and purple. The website has a helpful coloring chart that provides a guide that shows customers what shades are most complimentary on different skin tones. 
 I stuck with wearable shades and picked up Countessa Fluorescent and Centrifuchsia lipsticks and Carousel Gloss in Present. 
  • Countessa Fluorescent: Is a bright bubble gum pink and has slightly blue undertones. It is very pigmented and wears very comfortably. It can be a little tricky for deeper skin tones but with a good liner it is very wearable and can be toned down with a gloss. It lasts up to 5 hours. Retails for $15.99 USD
  •  Centrifuchsia: Is a darker pink that is smooth as butter and applies to the lips very opaque and wears comfortably. It looks beautiful on all skin tones and wears for up to 8 hrs. Retails for $15.99 USD
  • Carousel Gloss in Present: is a liquid lipstick loaded with glitter. This color is a dark berry with magenta glitters.  For me I personally wear it as a gloss and top it over lipstick but it can be worn alone and is very pigmented. Retails for $16.99 USD
The great thing about this company is that they ship worldwide and there rates are very reasonable. There are a couple more products I have my eyes on frequently sold out on the website. They are available at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) so if you have the chance stop by to see them in person. 

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